Nova Dominia Ecclesia Quae Est Nova
Hierosolyma - The Lord's New Church Which Is Nova Hierosolyma

Assembly of the Lord's New Church
Thursday, October 26, 2000 to Sunday, October 29, 2000

Papers submitted to this Website for the Assembly
J. Durban Odhner Opening Prayer for the Council of the Clergy   .DOC
J. Durban Odhner The Doctrine and Order of the Church   .DOC
J. Durban Odhner The Ascent: An Inward Objective   .DOC
Dawn Potts Awareness   .DOC
Rutger Perizonius Inventory of Doctrinal Output   .DOC
Norman Riley The Word and Its Senses   .DOC
Michael David Internal Problems become External Problems   .DOC
Michael David Roles of Women and Men in the Lord's New Church   .DOC
H.D.G. Groeneveld Address to the Assembly (1947)   .TXT
Alfred Acton Proposed Table of Organization for the Lord's New Church   .DOC
Alfred Acton Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws of the Corporation   .DOC
Alfred Acton Proposed Resolutions for the 2000 Assembly   .DOC
Michael David The Handbook of the Lord's New Church (1985)  
Michael David Resolutions passed by the Special Assembly (1999)  
Peter G. Bostock Management Style: A Break From Tradition   .DOC
Michael David The electronic congregation, or e-Church  

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