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Handbook of the Lord's New Church Which Is Nova Hierosolyma
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Statement Concerning the Rite of Marriage


“The Council recognizes that it is of true order for those receiving the Rite of Marriage to be both members of the Church; but it has also been recognized that, in accord with the responsibility which the Church has toward those who are affirmative toward It, and who wish to be led and instructed by It, but who are not yet prepared to enter its membership, at times a special accommodation of the Marriage Rite may be made for non-members, according to the judgment of the Priesthood. This special accommodation cannot apply to those who are members of another Church or religion, because such could not affirm a willingness to be led and instructed in the things of the Lord’s New Church”


(Approved by the International Council of Priests on June 14, 1956)



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