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Baptism: The members of the Council were in agreement with the present laws concerning baptism, namely, that infants may be baptized when both parents are members of the Church, or when one parent is a member and the other parent is affirmative to the child being raised and instructed in the things of the Church.


In recognition of the internal things involved in infant Baptism and of the internal things that may be present in the feelings of the parents that their children must receive the benefits of the Sacrament of Baptism, the Law of Baptism is hereby extended to allow the Baptism of infants when neither of the parents is a Member of the Church, provided that they are looking to this Church for instruction and leading and therefore have no allegiance to any other Church and express the desire of having their child baptized in the Church. For the Baptism of these infants the Baptism Service shall be amended in the second question by the deletion of the words “believe into the Lord’s New Church” and the substitution of the words “desire to be taught and led in the Lord’s New Church.” According to this Order subject to the discretion of the Priest, the Sacrament of Baptism may be administered to such infants, who will be taught and led in the Church in the same way as the other children in the Church.


(Approved in final form by the International Council of Priests and the International Interior Council in October 1982.)



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