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Resolutions Concerning the Relationship Between a Pastor and His Assistant


The relationship between a Pastor and his assistant must be directed by the Divine Order taught in the Word. This is that there must be order among the Priests, that there should be higher and lower Priests and that there must be subordination among them (NHCD 313, TCR 106 and Coronis 17).


The teaching of the true and leading by means of that to the good of life and thus to the Lord is the work of the Priests (NHCD 315). They ought to teach and lead according to the Doctrine of the Church out of the Word (NHCD 315), but they ought not to compel anyone. The work of the Priests must be done in an orderly way which does not disturb the Church (NHCD 318). The Pastor and his assistant should co-operate to this end. The assistant has the freedom to teach and preach what he sees to be true but he should endeavor to work in harmony with the teaching and leading of the Pastor, within the Essentials and Principles of Doctrine of the Church, as set forth in the Resolutions concerning the Government of the Church; and they should confer towards this end.


The Pastor may ask the assistant to stop teaching and preaching what is in discordance with the Pastorís teaching and leading within the Essentials and Principles of the Doctrine of the Church. If it should prove impossible for them to work together in harmony the Pastor has the right to ask that his assistant be removed as assistant in his society, or his assistant may request through the Pastor that he be transferred to another society.


If an assistant wishes to bring any matter to the attention of the Councils, according to the order set forth in the Resolutions concerning the Government of the Church, he should go for advice to his Pastor and then to the Bishop before going to the International Council of Priests, and then if doctrinal things are involved to the International Interior Council.


(Unanimously passed by the International Council of Priests and by the International Interior Council in October 1984.)



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