Dawn Potts

21 October 2000


I would like to speak about awareness, about the importance of a person’s awareness of the presence of the Lord in His Divine Human, in The Latin Word.


When we are aware of His presence in the New Word, we can begin to see what in us hinders His presence with us and struggle against those things. We can struggle to remove layer by layer that which in our mind blocks that inward light.


In the creation story this awareness is represented by the light of the first day, and we see for the first time and in the beginning of every new state, that The Lord IS ... and that He is creating us.


If we in our individual lives and in the church, develop in that first state of regeneration described in the beginning of the Arcana, the seeing that the Lord IS, and that His good and truth is something higher than we are in, we will have new light to see what falsity to struggle against.

For it is in that state of light and from that light that we begin to see the different forms of selfishness, the shadows, the falsities that block the Lord’s presence. Once we merit, or have ego in, what we know, the way to any inward perception is darkened.


In AC 1668, it says, “the more internal the perception the sharper is the pain of conscience.” This is a blessing, for the Hells are so clever that almost every apparently normal feeling can be suspect of harboring something of self in it and hindering The Lord’s presence with us. “The hells can easily persuade that ones private advantage is for the common good and see no otherwise, these are persuasions of falsity from the love of self.” AC 1673.


We can be thankful that we have a chance now to develop safeguards and a new order and awareness in all things of the external government of the church so that the church is protected from external falsities and disorders in a way that it hasn’t been before.


We see, and are awed at the scientific and medical changes in the natural world since the second coming of The Lord and have not yet realized that the an inward development of the same magnitude is now possible for us. The opening of the interiors of the Word has no boundaries.

A spiritual awareness more amazing than any scientific discovery yet created or ever to be created is now possible. It is The New Church, the Bride of the Lamb, the keys to the kingdom, the crown, and the kingdom to come.


These inward pathways of spirituality which open into a sight of the interior things of the Word have doors which are blocked by our proprial selves, blocked by our choices of external

delights. Our feet are stuck in the mud of the delights of our external mind. Selfishness and laziness keeps our hands empty of the keys to the kingdom, which opens to the interiors of His New Word.


My father Henry L. Bamitz, a new churchman all his life, wrote about this. I quote.


“I live in a world of shadows, I paint a mask for every changing scene and am afraid to tear the mask away

I build a shadow around the truth and call the shade reality.”


It is only the presence of The Lord Himself that can tear our masks away and the church be led into the interiors of His Word. It is only if we bring life to His Words that we can see his Face in the light of the Spiritual Sun and the true reality.


In this world we are all wearing the masks of our proprium, yet we are spiritual beings created for a spiritual realm where there are no masks.


The church’s existence depends on whether we make time to study the Third Testament and approach The Lord there and bring these truths to life.


We need to turn to The Lord for a new vision for the church and what it is to become.


Let us pray that The Lord can lift our minds to an awareness of Himself and develop in the Doctrine of Nova Hierosolyma which is spiritual of celestial origin, that we can let Him lead the church into the true light of a new first day.