LUCERNA: Assembly Website
Fri Oct 27 10:13:22 HST 2000

Dear Michael,

I enjoyed your brief essay on roles of men and women in the church, posted at 
the assembly website.  I have been thinking about some of those passages 
myself, wondering how to apply them. 

We can take the passages on a spiritual level, the implication is that "male" 
and "female" represent our thoughts and affections.  Consequently, the 
statements about male and female roles can be taken to apply to the inner 
relationship between thoughts and affections.  We don't need to necessarily 
represent those inner relationships by clearly defined ourward roles for men 
and women.

My question is this:  If we take the statements about men and women that way, 
should we not also take the statements about priests that way?  Is there a 
need for an ordained priesthood?  That is, the church should be governed by 
love for the Lord and the neighbor, not by outward representations of love 
for the Lord and the neigbhbor.  

This line of thinking leads to something like "the priesthood of all 
believers" espoused by the Reformers.  Except that it would be "the 
priesthood of all lovers" instead.



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