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                         Three Essentials of the Church.
             Acknowledgement of the Divinity of the Lord.
           Acknowledgement of the Holiness of the Word.
                        And the Life called Charity.
                       ( Divine Providence 259: 3 )

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                               Divinity of the Lord.
  "Singulars of Faith on man's part: God is One , in Whom is a Divine
Trinity, and He is the Lord God the Saviour, Jesus Christ ". (True Christian
Religion number 3).
   "Unless God were one, the universe could not have been created, and
preserved," (True Christian Religion number 13).
   " This New Church is the Crown of all the Churches which have hitherto
been on the earth., because it will worship the One visible God, in Whom is
the invisible God, as the soul is in the body. Only thus can there be a
conjunction of God with man, because man thinks naturally; while conjunction
must be in thought and thus in the affection of his love, and this takes
place when man thinks of God as Man. Conjunction with an invisible God is
like the eye's grasp of the universe whose end is beyond sight; or like the
vision in mid-ocean, which falls only on air and water; and completely
perishes. But a true conjunction with a visible God is like seeing a man in
the air or on water, stretching forth his hands and inviting all to his
arms. For all conjunction of God with man must also be a reciprocal
conjunction of man with God; and reciprocation on man's part is only
possible with a visible God. (True Christian Religion number 787).

                                     Holiness of the Word.
      That the Lord is the Word is clearly evident from John's Gospel
chapter 1 verse 1."  In the beginning  was the Word , and the Word was with
God, and God was the Word...."
      Each Age ,or Church, had a Word serviceable for it use. (see
Apocalypse Explained number 948) This passage also states that to each was
given interior truth, which truth is in the spiritual or internal sense of
the Word..We read further that the Church to follow the Christian would have
more interior truth revealed. That the spiritual or internal cannot appear
in the natural without a covering, called the clouds of heaven, or the sense
of the Letter, is for the sake of the protection of man against profanation.
We read in True Christian Religion number 776 that, "This Second Coming of
the Lord is not in Person, but in the Word, which is from Him and is
Himself." The Letter of this Word is that which was penned by Swedemborg in
the World, in this all former Revelations are contained, and from this
Doctrine has to be drawn and confirmed.

                                       The Life called Charity.
          "The first of Charity is to look to the Lord and shun evils
because they are sins; this is done by repentance."  (Charity  number 1).
          " The second of charity is to do goods because they are uses".
(Charity number 2
          " The neighbour to be loved is, in a spiritual idea,good and
truth." (Charity number 3),
          "Charity in its first origin is the affection  of good, and as
good loves truth, the affection of good produces the affection of truth,
and by the affection of truth, the acknowledgement of truth, which is
faith. By these in their series, the affection of truth, manifests itself,
and becomes charity." (Doctrine of Nova Hierosolyma concering Faith,number

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