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Erik Swedenborg erik.swedenborg@zeta.telenordia.se
Fri Nov 28 10:23:51 HST 2003

Dear Swedenborgian
In the Swedenborg Foundation Newsletter, fall/winter 2003, was written an article about Emanuel Swedenborg’s “lusthus”.

Unfortunately the picture, in wonderful colour, is printed black-white so I will give you the opportunity to see it in colour.


I am a summer house that one passes by.
I stood on Södermalm in my master's garden.
His angels filled me with harmony.
And the world of spirits was content in my care.

A powerful investigator, a great prophet
has had my simple cabin for his home.
Sitting here he saw the splendours of heaven,
here was created a New Jerusalem.

Around the spirit which has moved, I was a shell.
Now I stand abandoned with my sorrow.
But I was filled with harp and cymbal,
When God came to visit with Swedenborg.

Hjalmar Gullberg
Translated  by Jane Williams-Hogan

The following text is a quotation from the Swedenborg Foundation Newsletter.

“Emanuel Swedenborg did much of his writing in his beloved summerhouse (lusthuset), situated at the end of his garden at Södermalm in Stockholm, where he lived most of his life. For this reason, this modest structure is imbued with a certain charisma and is a place of pilgrimage for many Swedenborgians. At the turn of the century, the lusthus was donated to Skansen, a folk museum in Stockholm.

A replica was built in the location where the original had stood about fifteen years ago, which is rented by the society “Swedenborgs Minne”, of which Erik Swedenborg, a lateral descendent of Emanuel, is the secretary.

At the request of the Swedish postal service, artist Mikael Wahrby was asked to paint four different lusthus as models for four stamps. One of the stamps is Swedenborg’s lusthus. The paintings for the stamp have been printed in an original edition of 175 lithographs, 20 x 30 cm (changed by me), some of which are still available for sale. They are priced at $170 and may be ordered by mail directly to Erik Swedenborg.

Swedenborgs Minne has produced a note card with permission from the artist. It is a folded card format 10,5 x 14,8 cm, (changed by me), with the picture and the poem on the front side. One hundred of these cards including envelope may be purchased for $52 inclusive of freight.

To order a lithograph or cards, contact me by email, erik.swedenborg@zeta.telenordia.se or send me a letter Erik Swedenborg, Nornornas väg 7, SE-131 46 Nacka, Sweden.

Through my company Swecruising AB we supply the members of the House of Nobles with rings and cufflinks with engraved coat of arms. You can look at them on the website www.vapenringen.se . The text is in Swedish but the pictures are international.

We can offer you a wonderful ring in 18K gold with Emanuel Swedenborg’s personal monogram engraved in three dimensions in an agate, the blue gemstone you can see on the pictures.

Emanuel Swedenborg’s personal monogram.

The price of the ring is 1 052 €, approximately $1 251 inclusive freight. If you are interested please send me a mail.

Kind regards

Erik Swedenborg
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