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Thu Jun 8 15:39:16 HST 2006

I send you all these greetings in Jesus the Anointed who is Father, Son and 
Holy Spirit now and forever and ever. Amen.

During the past four years I have engaged in a study of the term KNH in the 
Hebrew Word. All Biblical scholars agree there is no place for the term 
CALAM* (in the Latin search engine) in the Writings. I identified the 
'celestial Church' as the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and have been blessed by 
Patriarch Abuna Merkorios by name, 'Greg'. The three wise men were Ethiopian 
Israelite priests. All of Jerusalem were in an uproar by their saying 
because they are the ones that have the ark of the covenant. The Heavens 
consider Africa to be the East, Get it? Or, are you still looking.

This study will be completed when Doctrine of Truth and Good is finished. 
When this occurs hopefully within the next 30 days I will be sending to all 
'New Church' clergy who 'hold the office of priest'. I located a site that 
contains their addresses wordwide. This study in CD form has a direct 
bearing on the Second Coming. This study conclusively proves that the 
priesthood for the 'New Church' has not yet been established. I invite any 
of you all to send me your address and a CD will posted to you when 

Your brother in the Anointed, literally


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>Hi Folks,
>The Lucerna e-mail discussion list is available for your use, as it has 
>been since 1997. Lucerna is about the doctrine of "this church" and is NOT 
>about "that organization."
>What it's about is here: 
>Anyone can join the Lucerna discussion without approval or identification, 
>which can also be done at the page above.
>The Lucerna archives are available on the web here: 
>This message archive is open to the public, and anyone can view it without 
>registration or password, whether subscribed to the list or not.
>"That organization" does not approve of, support, or in any way acknowledge 
>any usefulness in what I am doing here, and in the event of trouble, I will 
>be entirely on my own. So keep in mind when posting to Lucerna that you are 
>handing the burden of liability for what you write to me, and that if I 
>don't want such a burden, I will feel free to remove your writing and you 
>from the system.
>I would hope that we can also refrain from creating other sorts of 
>liabilities, such as the barriers imposed by bizarre or antiquated 
>language, or by writing in a way that suggests that only people of a 
>particular age and sex are able to benefit from the Lord's Word.
>I will be sending out invitations to everyone on Reform or that I know is 
>connected with the church. Replying to that invitation will be the easiest 
>way to join.
>Michael V. David ---------- http://mvdavid.com
>E kaupê aku nô i ka hoe a kô mai.

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