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They 'hold the office of priest'. The representation established by the Lord 
for the establishment of the 'New Church' is the 'anointing' with the 
blessed 'oil'. The study shows according to doctrine that there is a 
difference between 'holding the office of priest' and being 'adjoined to the 
office of priest'.

The list administer deleted me from posting to your group because I copied 
to you all. You are the only one so far to even give me a response. Your 
reply seems to be from out of your own self intelligence. I don't know that 
you are 'clergy' or that the addresses on this site contains your address. 
This whole discussion of 'doctrine drawn out of the Latin Word' is in error 
according to the Writings. The Word is written in 'Hebrew' and later the 
Gospel and Revelation is written in Greek. The first object of my study was 
to 'gather truths from out of the Word' the Hebrew Word.

My ministry is prophetic and given by the Lord alone to educate those 
'holding the office of priest' the truth of doctrine which is established by 
the literal understanding of the Word. The 'office of prophet' to which I am 
enjoined was established in me by the Lord alone by the representative of 
the 'oil' administered by Donald K. Rogers who 'holds the office of priest' 
in the General Church of the New Jerusalem. As a young man I was 'set 

The 'illumination and illustration' that is given me is real and documented 
and offered to those on this list who want to be educated on the Word. "The 
return of the Lord is to be in the understanding of the literal and 
spiritual meaning of the Word." Emanuel Swedenborg.

Your brother in the Anointed, literally


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>Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 00:59:31 EDT
>In a message dated 6/8/2006 10:47:54 PM Eastern Standard Time,
>brothergregory@hotmail.com writes:
>I will be sending to all
>'New Church' clergy who 'hold the office of priest'. I located a site that
>contains their addresses wordwide. This study in CD form has a direct
>bearing on the Second Coming. This study conclusively proves that the
>priesthood for the 'New Church' has not yet been established. I invite any
>of you all to send me your address and a CD will posted to you when
>Dear Greg:
>If you located a site that contains the addresses worldwide of all 'New
>Church' clergy, why are you asking for the clergy to send you their 
>If your study proves conclusively that the priesthood of the 'New Church' 
>not yet been established, then are there any 'New Church' clergy? And if 
>then to whom can you send your CD?

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