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Your right. My apologies. My frustration on trying to relate to 
Swedenborgian priests is telling. Instead of answering on point, I get pithy 
responses to arcane minutia. So again, you are right in critizing my abrubt 
manner and I promise it won't happen again.

The Word was written in Latin upon the Cross by Pilate. The significance is 
that the Writings were written in Latin. I am familiar with the drill. The 
Hierosolyma's from what I understand believe that there is a hidden meaning 
in the Writings and the work is to try and understand what that meaning 
could be.

>From that premise it follows that you must investigate the Latin and find 
this hidden meaning. You need to investigate the principles of your own 
teachings and the Writings. "59. With these people the first thing is, that 
out of the Word's literal sense they procure for themselves Doctrine, thus 
they light for themselves a lamp, in order to progress further; moreover, 
after the Doctrine has been procured, and a lamp thus lit, out of that they 
see the Word." It is this excersize upon which I engaged and have taught for 
4 years. All of the references to CALAM* in the Latin search engine are in 
ERROR all Biblical scholars agree. This is on purpose, so that it can be 
later "revealed". This term is the key.

>From Apocalypse Explained 627 But that "they placed a reed in the Lord's 
hand and afterwards smote His head with it" signifies that they falsified 
Divine truth or the Word, and made an utter mockery of the understanding of 
truth and of Divine wisdom, a "reed" signifying falsity in what is most 
external (as above), and "to smite the head" signifying to reject and mock 
at the understanding of truth and Divine wisdom, which is what "the head of 
the Lord" signifies; and in "giving the Lord vinegar to drink," which 
signifies what is falsified, they placed a sponge filled with it on a 
"reed," which signifies falsity in what is most external, which is falsity 
sustaining. *

Your brother in the Anointed, literally


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>Subject: Re: [lucerna] Lucerna discussion
>Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 13:09:12 EDT
>In a message dated 6/9/2006 9:20:01 AM Eastern Standard Time,
>brothergregory@hotmail.com writes:
>You are the only one so far to even give me a response. Your
>reply seems to be from out of your own self intelligence.
>To say that one is replying out of their "own self intelligence" is perhaps
>not the best way to encourage anyone to respond to you.
>Out of whose intelligence are you writing?
>This whole discussion of 'doctrine drawn out of the Latin Word' is in error
>according to the Writings.
>Would you please indicate more precisely from the "Writings" how this whole
>discussion of 'doctrine drawn out of the Latin Word' is in error? Could you
>please show passages from the "Writings" that lead you to this conclusion?
> > The Word is written in 'Hebrew' and later the Gospel and Revelation is
>written in Greek.
>Do you believe that the Word was also later written in Latin?

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