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On the question of ordination of the priesthood the following is the 
doctrine of the Swedenborgian Churches that recognize that only a "virtual 
priesthood" has been established.This report was authoritatively written by 
Rt. Rev. Elmo Acton on, "The Priesthood" and reported in New Church Life 

The History
Our subject properly begins with the first New Church ordination or 
inauguration, which took place in London, England, in 1788. A group of men 
who met regularly, beginning in 1783, for the purpose of reading and 
studying the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, gradually came to see that 
those Writings revealed the consummation of the former church and the 
beginning of a new dispensation of the church. For the uses of this new 
church to exist in the world, they saw that it would be necessary to form a 
distinct organization, and they began by introducing a new and separate 
worship, with baptism and administration of the Holy Supper. This shortly 
led them to see that for the orderly performance of worship and the 
sacraments a new priesthood was necessary. At first they considered 
requesting ordination from one of the existing churches, but gradually they 
came to see that as the New Jerusalem was the beginning of a new 
dispensation of the church, it must derive its authority immediately from 
the Lord in His second coming. They were enlightened to observe the 
following order. The names of the sixteen men constituting the group were 
placed in a receptacle, and of them twelve were chosen. On one of the lots, 
which were prepared by Robert Hindmarsh, he wrote the word "Ordain." This 
lot was drawn by himself. Then, without the other eleven men knowing this 
fact, Hindmarsh was chosen by them to read the service. The twelve then 
placed their right hands upon the heads of James Hindmarsh and Samuel Smith, 
Robert Hindmarsh reading the service, and ordained them as priests in the 
Lord's New Church. Thus began the priesthood of the New Church.
The church only gradually came to see fully that Robert Hindmarsh by this 
procedure was the first ordained priest of the New Church. It was not until 
the Conference of 1818, thirty years later, that the following resolution 
was passed:
". . . in consequence of Mr. R. Hindmarsh having been called by lot to 
ordain the first minister in the New Church, this Conference consider it as 
the most orderly method which could then be adopted and that Mr. R. 
Hindmarsh was virtually ordained by the Divine auspices of heaven; in 
consequence of which this Conference consider Mr. Hindmarsh as one of the 
regular ordaining ministers."

The question I ask you all is this: Since the name Jesus signifies the 
Divine Goodness and Christ signifies Divine Truth, Is the Divine Truth 
literally true? Is Jesus the Anointed, literally? My study has shown 
conclusively in the Writings that this is affirmatively true. Can you 
confess that Jesus is the Anointed, physically and literally? Are you 
sanctified? Or are you anti-anointed?

Your brother in the Anointed,


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>You are the only one so far to even give me a response. Your
>reply seems to be from out of your own self intelligence.
>To say that one is replying out of their "own self intelligence" is perhaps
>not the best way to encourage anyone to respond to you.
>Out of whose intelligence are you writing?
>This whole discussion of 'doctrine drawn out of the Latin Word' is in error
>according to the Writings.
>Would you please indicate more precisely from the "Writings" how this whole
>discussion of 'doctrine drawn out of the Latin Word' is in error? Could you
>please show passages from the "Writings" that lead you to this conclusion?
> > The Word is written in 'Hebrew' and later the Gospel and Revelation is
>written in Greek.
>Do you believe that the Word was also later written in Latin?

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