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Sat Jun 10 08:34:47 HST 2006

On Sat, 10 Jun 2006 arcam1970@comcast.net wrote:

> subscribe to the idea of salvation by faith alone.  But stay tuned for
> more discussion on the priesthood of the Lord's New Church as there are
> other issues about to surface and other men of both authority and
> perception and also some women who hopefully will answer your questions
> without turning this LUCERNA web-site discussion group into a soap opera
> or worse, a circus.

Hi Richard,

In my view, all doctrinal issues must be discussed with regard to the
spiritual sense of the Letter of the Third Testament. And then as a second
step attached to the first, must be confirmed by various Numbers in the
Letter of that Testament.

Those who do not have a love for some doctrinal idea will not be able to
see the confirmation of the doctrine in the Numbers presented for
confirmation. Hence some debate may be helpful, but only if charity is in
it on both sides of the debate.

Hence I don't think we can have useful exchanges if we present a new
docrtrinal idea by justifying it through the letter of the Writings, and
even less so, by the letter of the NT or OT.

An example is the presentation of the Doctrine of the Wife (DOW). I
presented it in Reform as the spiritual sense of Conjugial Love. Then I
gave Numbers to confirm it. There were those who looked at those Numbers
but did not see in them a confirmation of the DOW. The discussion on it
ended for now.

To summarize:

Doctrinal issues must be introduced through the spiritual sense of the TT.
Failing this, the issues cannot be rightly discussed as doctrinal (but
only and merely as political and psychological). This is the universal
rule in the genuine New Church, in the regenerating New Church mind, and
in the science of theistic psychology.



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