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>To summarize:
>Doctrinal issues must be introduced through the spiritual sense of the TT.
>Failing this, the issues cannot be rightly discussed as doctrinal (but
>only and merely as political and psychological). This is the universal
>rule in the genuine New Church, in the regenerating New Church mind, and
>in the science of theistic psychology.

The Universal rule is mistated in ERROR. The following is the true Universal 
rule for the establishment of doctrine for His New Church.

The Spiritual Sense:
58. No one can see the spiritual sense except from the doctrine of genuine 
truth; from this doctrine the spiritual sense can be seen, when there is 
some knowledge of correspondences. He who is in false doctrine cannot see 
anything of the spiritual sense. He draws out and applies the 
correspondences, which he sees to the falsities of his doctrine; and thus he 
can still more falsify the Word. Wherefore the true spiritual sense of the 
Word is from the Lord alone. This is the reason why it is not permitted any 
one in the natural world, nor in the spiritual world, to investigate the 
spiritual sense of the Word from the sense of the letter, unless he is 
wholly in the doctrine of Divine truth and in enlightenment from the Lord, 
wherefore from the doctrine of Divine truth confirmed from the sense of the 
letter of the Word, the spiritual sense can be seen, but doctrine can never 
first be seen from the spiritual sense. He thinks falsely who says within 
himself, I know many correspondences, I can know the true doctrine of the 
Divine Word, the spiritual sense will teach it to me. This cannot be done. 
But, as has been said, let him say with himself, I know the doctrine of 
Divine truth, now I can see the spiritual sense, provided I know 
correspondences. But still this must be in enlightenment from the Lord, 
because the spiritual sense is Divine truth itself in its light, and is 
meant by glory, and the sense of the letter by a cloud in passages in the 
Word where these are mentioned.
26.  The Spiritual Sense of the Word will not be given to any one hereafter 
who is not in genuine truths from the Lord. The reason is that no one can 
see the spiritual sense except from the Lord alone, and unless he is in 
genuine truths from Him; for the spiritual sense of the Word treats of the 
Lord alone and of His kingdom; and that is the sense in which His angels in 
heaven are, for it is His Divine truth there. A man can violate this if he 
has a knowledge of correspondences, and wishes by it to investigate the 
spiritual sense of the Word from his own intelligence; for by means of some 
correspondences known to him he can pervert its meaning, and force it to 
confirm even what is false; and this would be doing violence to Divine 
truth, and to heaven also. Wherefore, if any one wishes, from himself and 
not from the Lord, to open that sense, heaven is closed; and when it is 
closed, the man either sees nothing, or becomes spiritually insane. The 
reason also is that the Lord teaches every one by the Word, and He teaches 
him from the truths that are with man, and does not infuse new ones without 
a medium. Wherefore, if man is not in Divine truths, or if he is in only a 
few truths and at the same time is in falsities, he may from these falsify 
truths; as is also done by every heretic with the sense of the letter of the 
Word, as is known. Lest, therefore, any one should enter into the spiritual 
sense, or should pervert the genuine truth, which is of that sense, the Lord 
has placed guards, which are meant in the Word by cherubs. That guards are 
set, was represented to me in this manner: - It was given me to see great 
purses, appearing like sacks, in which silver was stored up in great 
abundance; and as they were open, it seemed as if everyone could take out 
the silver there laid up, yes, carry it off. But near the purses two angels 
were sitting, who were the keepers. The place where the purses were stored 
appeared like a manger in a stable. In the next room were seen modest 
virgins with a chaste wife; and near that room stood two little children; 
and it was said that they were not to be played with childishly, but wisely. 
Afterwards appeared a harlot, then a horse lying dead. Having seen these 
things, I was instructed that they represented the sense of the letter of 
the Word, in which is the spiritual sense. The great purses full of silver 
signified cognitions of truth in great abundance. That they were open, and 
yet guarded by angels, signified that every care is taken lest any one 
violated the spiritual sense, in which are unmixed truths. The manger in the 
stable, in which the purses were lying, signified spiritual nourishment for 
the understanding; a manger has this signification, because a horse, which 
eats from it, signifies the understanding. The modest virgins, who were seen 
in the next room, signified affections for truth; and the chaste wife, the 
conjunction of good and truth. The little children signified the innocence 
of wisdom therein; these little children were angels from the third heaven, 
who all appear like little children. The harlot, with the dead horse, 
signified the falsification of the Word by many at this day, by which all 
understanding of truth perishes: a harlot signifies falsification; and a 
dead horse, no understanding of truth.

Your brother in the Anointed, literally


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