[lucerna] does faith alone justify the degenerate offspring?

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The Writings also speak of those without life in the same manner

142. Verse 15. So thou hast them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, 
which thing I hate, signifies those who separate good from truth, or charity 
from faith, which is against Divine order. This is evident from what was 
said and shown above (n. 107), where similar words occur. To which this is 
to be added: That those who separate truth from good, or faith from charity, 
turn away from themselves all influx of heaven into the goods they do, in 
consequence of which their goods are not good; for heaven flows in, that is, 
the Lord through heaven, into the good of man's love; he, therefore, that 
rejects the good of charity from the doctrine of the church, and receives 
instead only those things that are called matters of faith, is shut out of 
heaven; truths with such have no life; and it is the life of truth, which is 
good, that conjoins, but not truth without life, or faith without charity. 
(But more on these subjects in The Doctrine of the New Jerusalem where it 
treats of Charity, n. 84-107, and of Faith, n. 108-122.)

The Divine Goodness is 'Esse' the mystery of the use of the 'oil'. Again I 
come back to this subject because to reject the literal Word is to reject 
Him. When one states that whatever the Christ means literally does not 
matter because I believe and have faith that He is the Anointed they lose 
sight of the mystery of the literal return. One cannot believe what one does 
not understand. I don't have the reference available for that spiritual law 
according to the Writings but you should recognize it.

My statement is clear on what my purpose is here. I gathered the literal 
truths from out of the Word. One must first know and act upon the literal 
truth of the 'oil'. A great help has been the spiritual practises of the 
Ethiopian Orthodox Church. The Writings literally and spiritually were 
opened to me from out of this literal understanding. My purpose is to 
attempt to relate the importance of this discovery. This is the 'return' 
concept. One simply cannot understand the Writings without being 
knowledgable to the 'mysteries' of the Oriental Orthodox Church. It is 
extremely frustrating experience. However, headway is being made. My work is 
almost complete. There is one more paper that needs to be written entitled 
'Doctrine of Truth and Good'. When this is complete my intention is to send 
it out to all of the 'virtual priests' of the New Church to let them know 
that the return concept is in the literal Word. As of now, I have addresses 
listed from a New Church website that show all of the New Churches and their 
pastors names as well as the Seminaries. Right now, this literal meaning is 

This discussion started on the arcana hidden in the Latin of the Writings. 
Central to this concept I keep trying to point out is that the literal 
meaning of the term CALAM* is of extreme importance. Do a search of the term 
and you will see just how important the term is. In one sense the Writings 
state that it symbolizes the ultimate truth. In its oppossing sense it 
symbolizes falsity sustaining. In the symbolism of the golden reed it states 
that this term cannot be literally understood, only spiritually. I literally 
and spiritually understand this arcana because I know what the term KNH 

When adminstrator of this site states, "So what" in regard to this whole 
concept one has to wonder why anyone bothers at all.

Your brother in the Anointed, literally


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>Subject: [lucerna] does faith alone justify the degenerate offspring?
>Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2006 16:03:49 -0400
>Well, again, my first reaction is to an assertion (yet another arcanum) in 
>the first paragraph of this message. Considering the emphasis put upon 
>"faith alone" in the Protestant (including Lutheran) Movement, and the 
>condemnation of "faith alone" found in the Writings of Emmanuel Swedenborg, 
>it is indeed an arcanum to me for you to write that: "All of these 
>'branches' are the degenerate offspring of the 'Lutheran' or 'Protestant' 
>Indeed, considering the personal history you have just laid out, what is it 
>you are expecting to find on this website "LUCERNA"? Alan
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>>Subject: Re: [lucerna] JESUS as CHRIST
>>Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2006 11:28:59 -0400
>The first difficulty you must realize is my attempt to distill what
>>really amounts to a whole lifetime of work into a few succinct paragraphs 
>>to enlighten you on the 'mysteries'. Because my work is outside of the 
>>'New Church Movement' I can only guess that the 'five branches' referred 
>>to the different denominations that have sprung up around the Writings. 
>>All of these 'branches' are the degenerate offspring of the 'Lutheran' or 
>>'Protestant' Church. The Writings refer to the middle of the 7th week of 
>>Daniel in the descriptive.
>I was baptized upon the order of the General Church of the New Jerusalem at 
>Morning Star Chapel in Alpharetta, Georgia in the last part of the year 
>2002. I told them then and I will tell you now that I appreciate the fact 
>that they were there for me. But at the end of the day my perception of 
>what they are about on my first trip there still holds. I said on my way 
>there  that first Sunday in July of 2002, "We are the holders of the secret 
>knowledges. We cannot tell anyone." I laughed all the way there. Of course, 
>a church of librarians. Wouldn't you know it. The spiritual meaning of the 
>Word is held by the Church of the librarians. Later in September of 2003 
>the Office of Holy Oil (Coptic modified to New Church standards by myself) 
>was officiated by Rev. Donald K. Rogers a priest of the General Church of 
>the New Jerusalem who resigned his commission earlier and changed his name 
>and blames that religion for driving him insane.
>I don't deny the power of the Word or that of the 'office of priest' as 
>being without authority. The state of the New Church I describe
>>for out of the Word as this: In Luke, "And all they in the synagogue, when 
>>they heard these things (Jesus anounces Himself as the Anointed), were 
>>filled with wrath, and rose up, and thrust Him out of the city, and led 
>>Him unto the brow of the hill, (whereupon the city was built,) that they 
>>might cast Him down headlong. iv. 28, 29. The state that the New Church is 
>>to enter into now is further described by what happens next. "But He 
>>passing through the midst of them, went His way, And came down to 
>>Capernaum, a city of Galilee, and taught them on the sabbath-days. And 
>>they were astonished at His doctrine: for His Word was with power." 30, 
>I left off attendance at one of the dead branches because the clergy at 
>Mornging Star Chapel literally deny the Word of God. The spiritual 
>experience left me gasping for breath. The Lord in His Divine Mercy led me 
>to attend Saint Gabriel Ethiopian Orthodox Church. The life of His Church 
>can be found in the Orthodox
>>practices that are retained by this Oriental Orthodox Church (look in the 
>>Orient for the Ancient Word) as taught by the Lord to His disciples which 
>>established His Church. The Divine Human is worshipped there and the Word 
>>is literally believed and known.
>In todays world Jesus is seen as the sacrificial or bloody atonement
>>to the Father God. Swedenborgian theology defines the concept of the 
>>Divine Human that will be seen and worshipped in the future sense 
>>differently. When you come to realize that Jesus is the Anointed, 
>>physically and literally then you can understand what this future 
>>definition means. Ultimate truth is so simple a child can understand. In 
>>the future, a little child is going to ask their mother, "But how come men 
>>didn't understand that Jesus is the Anointed? It is His name."
>Additions to True Christian Religion
>>VII. The Thoughts of Materialists Respecting God. “Those who are 
>>constantly in a material idea, like the learned who are in the mere 
>>rudiments of philosophy, and think that they are wise, if they acknowledge 
>>God, adore the mere phrase, that there is a God. But if they are told that 
>>God is Man, and that the Lord and Savior Jesus the Anointed is that Man, 
>>they do not acknowledge it; because their thought respecting Him is 
>>material, and not at the same time spiritual, wherefore they also separate 
>>His Divine Essence from His Humanity, and declare that there is a mystical 
>>conjunction between them.”
>Your brother in the Anointed, literally "Greg"
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>>>To: lucerna@novahierosolyma.org
>>>Subject: [lucerna] JESUS as CHRIST
>>>Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2006 09:26:33 -0400
>>>Well, my first reaction to this message was: "What is the arcanum 
>>>in Greg's writing that 'the "priesthood" for the New Church has not yet 
>>>established?'" Since you chose to refer to the Robert Hindmarsh story
>>>(reported by Elmo Acton) on the one hand, and here refer to anointment 
>>>the "'oil' of Moses" on the other hand, I take it that you object to the
>>>idea of the New Church Movement (so that it encompasses five or so 
>>>claiming to have a "priesthood" when the members of that "priesthood" 
>>>not been ordained (anointed) with the "'oil' of Moses." Is that meant to
>>>suggest that all acts performed by so-called "priests" over the 200+ year
>>>life of the New Church Movement have been in vain spiritually?
>>>A second question that comes to my mind for you is: "The fact that you 
>>>emphasizing the anointing of Jesus--which is the Hebrew identity of THE
>>>CHRIST, if you will allow me to say it that way--does this in any way 
>>>us away from the importance of Jesus as 'The Christ'?"
>>>Regards, Alan
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>>> >Word<lucerna@novahierosolyma.org>
>>> >To: lucerna@novahierosolyma.org
>>> >Subject: Re: [lucerna] aclimatizing to the terminology
>>> >Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2006 19:50:30 -0400
>>> >
>>> >Alan I appreciate your asking me to expound on the subject. The object 
>>> >the Hierosolyma is to understand the hidden meaning within the 
>>>Writings. My
>>> >work is to make that mystery known. I have never been in a discussion
>>> >thread
>>> >and so please accept my apologies for my lack of education. According 
>>>to my
>>> >studies the 'priesthood' for the New Church has not yet been 
>>> >The use of the blessed 'oil' is required. This also goes to the return
>>> >concept and the need to understand the hidden literal meaning by 
>>>looking to
>>> >the Hebrew KNH. It is this literal truth that ties all of these 
>>> >together.
>>> >
>>> >The question on whether one accepts that Jesus is the Anointed goes to 
>>> >subject as well. It has been my experience from engagements with
>>> >Swedenborgian 'virtual priests' that they do not accept that Jesus is 
>>> >was
>>> >ever physically anointed. Which of coarse is rather odd when one
>>> >contemplates the importance of the literal Word in Swedenborgian 
>>> >When one accepts the fact that Jesus is the Anointed then the question
>>> >becomes with what? According to the Writings the answers are oblique in
>>> >that
>>> >the CALAM* is claimed to be the third term in Exodus 30:23. All 
>>> >scholars are in agreement that this term is in error for the Hebrew KNH
>>> >BSM.
>>> >
>>> >My studies further prove without question that the priesthood must be
>>> >'ordained' and 'sanctified' according to the law of Moses. These 
>>> >are
>>> >based upon not only the Writings but the Oriental Orthodox Church
>>> >doctrines.
>>> >It seems that they have dispensed with the use of the 'oil' and now use 
>>> >fabrication termed 'chrismation' that does not conform. Anyway, the
>>> >question
>>> >is whether one accepts the literal truth of the Word. Is Jesus the
>>> >Anointed?
>>> >It the answer to this question that goes to the heart of the mystery of 
>>> >Writings and their hidden meaning. Did the Lord speak to Moses? To 
>>> >the New Church the priesthood must be established base upon His Divine
>>> >order.
>>> >
>>> >The term 'sanctified' and 'ordained' mean clearly that the initiate is
>>> >anointed with the 'oil' of Moses. And that opens up the whole ball of 
>>> >What is the third term in the Holy anointing oil of Moses in Exodus 
>>> >In order to establish the priesthood for His New Church we need to 
>>>know. My
>>> >work establishes the undeniable fact of what it is. This fact is what 
>>> >cause the division in the 'Christian Church' and establish in the mind 
>>> >the antichrist is. The antichrist is the doctrine of those who say that 
>>> >Lord's anointing oil, Lev. 10:7 is no longer a 'representative'.
>>> >
>>> >Your brother in the Anointed, literally
>>> >
>>> >"Greg"
>>> >
>>> >
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>>> > >To: lucerna@novahierosolyma.org
>>> > >Subject: [lucerna] aclimatizing to the terminology
>>> > >Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2006 17:35:18 -0400
>>> > >
>>> > >Well, Brother Gregory, my name is Alan Longstaff, and I have just
>>> > >transferred over to LUCERNA from the REFORM website, and I think I 
>>> >to
>>> > >aclimatize myself.
>>> > >
>>> > >I see that the subject is "The Priesthood," or perhaps the "virtual
>>> > >priesthood," and while I am familiar with the terms you are 
>>> > >"Anointed"--I'm not yet sufficiently sure of the terminology--ie. the 
>>> > >being made of the terms--to answer your questions. Alan
>>> > >
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>>> > > >To: lucerna@novahierosolyma.org
>>> > > >Subject: Re: [lucerna] Lucerna discussion
>>> > > >Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2006 16:30:20 -0400
>>> > > >
>>> > > >On the question of ordination of the priesthood the following is 
>>> > > >doctrine of the Swedenborgian Churches that recognize that only a
>>> > >"virtual
>>> > > >priesthood" has been established.This report was authoritatively
>>> >written
>>> > >by
>>> > > >Rt. Rev. Elmo Acton on, "The Priesthood" and reported in New Church
>>> >Life
>>> > > >1973:93:399-410
>>> > > >
>>> > > >The History
>>> > > >Our subject properly begins with the first New Church ordination or
>>> > > >inauguration, which took place in London, England, in 1788. A group 
>>> > >men
>>> > > >who met regularly, beginning in 1783, for the purpose of reading 
>>> > > >studying the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, gradually came to see 
>>> > > >those Writings revealed the consummation of the former church and 
>>> > > >beginning of a new dispensation of the church. For the uses of this 
>>> > > >church to exist in the world, they saw that it would be necessary 
>>> >form
>>> > >a
>>> > > >distinct organization, and they began by introducing a new and 
>>> > > >worship, with baptism and administration of the Holy Supper. This
>>> >shortly
>>> > > >led them to see that for the orderly performance of worship and the
>>> > > >sacraments a new priesthood was necessary. At first they considered
>>> > > >requesting ordination from one of the existing churches, but 
>>> > >they
>>> > > >came to see that as the New Jerusalem was the beginning of a new
>>> > > >dispensation of the church, it must derive its authority 
>>> >from
>>> > > >the Lord in His second coming. They were enlightened to observe the
>>> > > >following order. The names of the sixteen men constituting the 
>>> >were
>>> > > >placed in a receptacle, and of them twelve were chosen. On one of 
>>> > >lots,
>>> > > >which were prepared by Robert Hindmarsh, he wrote the word 
>>> >This
>>> > > >lot was drawn by himself. Then, without the other eleven men 
>>> >this
>>> > > >fact, Hindmarsh was chosen by them to read the service. The twelve 
>>> > > >placed their right hands upon the heads of James Hindmarsh and 
>>> > > >Smith,
>>> > > >Robert Hindmarsh reading the service, and ordained them as priests 
>>> >the
>>> > > >Lord's New Church. Thus began the priesthood of the New Church.
>>> > > >The church only gradually came to see fully that Robert Hindmarsh 
>>> >this
>>> > > >procedure was the first ordained priest of the New Church. It was 
>>> > >until
>>> > > >the Conference of 1818, thirty years later, that the following
>>> >resolution
>>> > > >was passed:
>>> > > >". . . in consequence of Mr. R. Hindmarsh having been called by lot 
>>> > > >ordain the first minister in the New Church, this Conference 
>>> >it
>>> > >as
>>> > > >the most orderly method which could then be adopted and that Mr. R.
>>> > > >Hindmarsh was virtually ordained by the Divine auspices of heaven; 
>>> > > >consequence of which this Conference consider Mr. Hindmarsh as one 
>>> >the
>>> > > >regular ordaining ministers."
>>> > > >
>>> > > >The question I ask you all is this: Since the name Jesus signifies 
>>> > > >Divine Goodness and Christ signifies Divine Truth, Is the Divine 
>>> > > >literally true? Is Jesus the Anointed, literally? My study has 
>>> > > >conclusively in the Writings that this is affirmatively true. Can 
>>> > > >confess that Jesus is the Anointed, physically and literally? Are 
>>> > > >sanctified? Or are you anti-anointed?
>>> > > >
>>> > > >Your brother in the Anointed,
>>> > > >
>>> > > >"Greg"
>>> > > >
>>> > > >
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>>> > > > >Subject: Re: [lucerna] Lucerna discussion
>>> > > > >Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 13:09:12 EDT
>>> > > > >
>>> > > > >In a message dated 6/9/2006 9:20:01 AM Eastern Standard Time,
>>> > > > >brothergregory@hotmail.com writes:
>>> > > > >You are the only one so far to even give me a response. Your
>>> > > > >reply seems to be from out of your own self intelligence.
>>> > > > >To say that one is replying out of their "own self intelligence" 
>>> > > >perhaps
>>> > > > >not the best way to encourage anyone to respond to you.
>>> > > > >
>>> > > > >Out of whose intelligence are you writing?
>>> > > > >This whole discussion of 'doctrine drawn out of the Latin Word' 
>>>is in
>>> > > >error
>>> > > > >according to the Writings.
>>> > > > >Would you please indicate more precisely from the "Writings" how 
>>> > > >whole
>>> > > > >discussion of 'doctrine drawn out of the Latin Word' is in error?
>>> >Could
>>> > > >you
>>> > > > >please show passages from the "Writings" that lead you to this
>>> > > >conclusion?
>>> > > > >
>>> > > > > > The Word is written in 'Hebrew' and later the Gospel and
>>> >Revelation
>>> > >is
>>> > > > >written in Greek.
>>> > > > >
>>> > > > >Do you believe that the Word was also later written in Latin?
>>> > > > >
>>> > > > >Hugh
>>> > > >
>>> > > >
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