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Ok, Brother literally "Greg," I think your purpose is now clear: "The 
Writings literally and spiritually were opened to me from out of this 
literal understanding. My purpose is to attempt to relate the importance of 
this discovery. This is the 'return' concept."

But surely, in your experience, you have come to realize the importance of 
"knowing" your audience before you begin to preach to them. (In "The 
Writings" it says that the Lord ACCOMMODATES Himself to the human race. That 
implies "knowing" the state of the audience.) In as much as you have accused 
your audience of being the "offspring" of the "Lutheran and Protestant" 
degeneracy, and of being "dead branches" and perhaps "those without life," 
it hardly seems to me that you have attempted to get off on the right foot 
with what this audience may want to hear. If you have important things to 
reveal, perhaps you might want to put this in the context of positive things 
you know about the New Church Movement, as a way of demonstrating some 
empathy and solidarity with your listerners. Alan

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The Writings also speak of those without life in the same manner

142. Verse 15. So thou hast them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, 
which thing I hate, signifies those who separate good from truth, or charity 
from faith, which is against Divine order. This is evident from what was 
said and shown above (n. 107), where similar words occur. To which this is 
to be added: That those who separate truth from good, or faith from charity, 
turn away from themselves all influx of heaven into the goods they do, in 
consequence of which their goods are not good; for heaven flows in, that is, 
the Lord through heaven, into the good of man's love; he, therefore, that 
rejects the good of charity from the doctrine of the church, and receives 
instead only those things that are called matters of faith, is shut out of 
heaven; truths with such have no life; and it is the life of truth, which is 
good, that conjoins, but not truth without life, or faith without charity. 
(But more on these subjects in The Doctrine of the New Jerusalem where it 
treats of Charity, n. 84-107, and of Faith, n. 108-122.)

The Divine Goodness is 'Esse' the mystery of the use of the 'oil'. Again I 
come back to this subject because to reject the literal Word is to reject 
Him. When one states that whatever the Christ means literally does not 
matter because I believe and have faith that He is the Anointed they lose 
sight of the mystery of the literal return. One cannot believe what one does 
not understand. I don't have the reference available for that spiritual law 
according to the Writings but you should recognize it.

My statement is clear on what my purpose is here. I gathered the literal 
truths from out of the Word. One must first know and act upon the literal 
truth of the 'oil'. A great help has been the spiritual practises of the 
Ethiopian Orthodox Church. The Writings literally and spiritually were 
opened to me from out of this literal understanding. My purpose is to 
attempt to relate the importance of this discovery. This is the 'return' 
concept. One simply cannot understand the Writings without being 
knowledgable to the 'mysteries' of the Oriental Orthodox Church. It is 
extremely frustrating experience. However, headway is being made. My work is 
almost complete. There is one more paper that needs to be written entitled 
'Doctrine of Truth and Good'. When this is complete my intention is to send 
it out to all of the 'virtual priests' of the New Church to let them know 
that the return concept is in the literal Word. As of now, I have addresses 
listed from a New Church website that show all of the New Churches and their 
pastors names as well as the Seminaries. Right now, this literal meaning is 

This discussion started on the arcana hidden in the Latin of the Writings. 
Central to this concept I keep trying to point out is that the literal 
meaning of the term CALAM* is of extreme importance. Do a search of the term 
and you will see just how important the term is. In one sense the Writings 
state that it symbolizes the ultimate truth. In its oppossing sense it 
symbolizes falsity sustaining. In the symbolism of the golden reed it states 
that this term cannot be literally understood, only spiritually. I literally 
and spiritually understand this arcana because I know what the term KNH 

When adminstrator of this site states, "So what" in regard to this whole 
concept one has to wonder why anyone bothers at all.

Your brother in the Anointed, literally "Greg"

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