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I don't think you read my last message to you, Greg, for all you want to do 
is self-justify why you should continue to harang people not yet prepared to 
listen. If, as you say, you have uncovered secrets, one secret you have not 
succeeded in uncovering is how to communicate with people--who while they 
should in your eyes listen--do not appear to be listening. How important is 
it that they listen? The 18th century American form of sermonizing was 
called the "Jeremiad." People were prepared for and entertained by that in 
the 18th century. However, I think Jeremiah would have about the same 
success at this day as in his own day by drawing one's attention to "THE 
ERROR" in capital letters. A person who sincerely wishes to convert people 
speaks to people in a tone of voice to which they will listen. All else, it 
seems to me, is shouting in the wilderness. Alan

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>Subject: Re: [lucerna] KNOW THY AUDIENCE
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>it hardly
> >>seems to me that you have attempted to get off on the right foot with 
> >>this audience may want to hear. If you have important things to reveal,
> >>perhaps you might want to put this in the context of positive things you
> >>know about the New Church Movement, as a way of demonstrating some 
> >>and solidarity with your listerners. Alan
> >>
>The discussion was and is on the hidden doctrine of the Latin in the
>Writings. I could wax poetic on www.heavenlydoctrines.org As a matter of
>fact, the Atlanta Oyez Oyez ad campaign in the Saturday Atlanta Religious
>Announcement section was funded by me for 22 weeks. It opened the 'Heavens
>through chinks'. Important work has been done in this "New Church 
>But is the Church militant? Does it take on the hells? I have consistently
>and patiently sent documentation on these revelations in an orderly and
>proper manner to the General Church of the New Jerusalem. And like you they
>don't want to hear about their ERROR. "The return of the Lord is to be in
>the understanding of the literal and spiritual meaning of the Word." But
>only if you stroke the 'virtual priests' of the General Church of the New
>Jerusalem and tell them what the want to hear, is that it?
>Bishop Thomas Kline doesn't want to hear about ERROR either. I pointed out
>to him and over 40 of your fellow 'virtual priests' that the 'golden eagle'
>that is part of your occult practise in the Chapel at Bryn Athyns is in
>ERROR. Go to the website of your "New Church Movement" and look for it
>http://ancss.org/chapel/index.htm but you won't be able to find your idol
>there because the picture is cropped. Everyday the children at the Academy
>of the New Church are taken into this Chapel and at the end of the services
>are forced to make the pledge. This pledge states while looking to the flag
>representing country, 'one nation under God'. On top of this flagstaff 
>next to the Ten Commandments is the 'golden eagle idol'.
>So tell me how do want me to sugar coat that? I have not heard a word of
>acknowledgment of my work or if this 'golden eagle idol' has been taken
>down. I know my audience all right. Blind priests who don't know enough to
>recognize an idol when they see one. But this practise will not continue.
>The Lord will no longer allow you 'virtual priests' to continue to
>spiritually damage the children there.
>Your brother in the Anointed, literally
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>lucerna ma

write it down and was told, "It cannot be written." In appreciation I returned the 
mystery by stating, 'truly a reed like unto a rod.'

These two Churches know. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is the one with the 
'Ancient Word'. The Lord provides that there will be a Church that 
understands the literal Word to conjoin man to heaven. The books of Jasher, 
Jubilee and Enoch are part of their Canon. They are the ones to be found in 
the 'East' which according to heavenly geography is located in Africa. These 
two Churches are part of the 'Oriental' Orthodox Church. So, if you 'looked' 
in the 'Orient' you would find it. The Ethiopian Church worships the 'Divine 
Human' and so have I in attendance. It is absolutely wild. Nothing in the 
Western churches compare to celebration day in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church 
or their worship practise. The three wise men were Israelite Ethiopian 
priests and they have the ark of the covenent. Hence, all of Jerusalem in an 

The literal Word is understood there just as Emanuel Swedenborg prophesied. 
This is the 'secret knowledge' of the Church. This is what is to be revealed 
in the Revelation. This could have been understood by the New Church if they 
were obediant to the command of the Lord in the ordination of the 
priesthood. I guess it just takes time or Divine Providence. It really has 
been an adventure being led to understand all of this. I do complain too 
much. This past Sunday was an uplifting experience and I believe the Word 
will be delivered from out of this mystery soon.

I have been documenting all of these discoveries and conversations with the 
various clergy in doctrinal papers and sending it to the General Church of 
the New Jerusalem. I have been met with villification, mockery and denial. 
When I examine this Church to find out the cause of their blindness to the 
work in the Lord, I discover the most horrible idol worship ever practised 
in the history of mankind. They have an American flag right next to the Ten 
Commandments in the Chapel and top of this flag is a 'golden eagle idol'. 
Every school day the innocent are forced to stand before this idol and 
repeat that it is a god to close their worship service. I was told that this 
practise is 'true and good'. In my travels some years ago I had gone to Bryn 
Athyn and an Odhner adolescent girl told me, "I don't believe in any of it." 
I understand now her anger at this horribly profane religion and pray that 
the Lord will deliver her and fellow classmates. I believe my prayers will 
be answered and this profanity will not continue for another school year. 
But I should not take my anger out upon you all.

I do apologize for my rude behavior and ask you to forgive me. I asked Alan 
Longstaff to forgive me and I think he has. I have sent him 'Doctrine of 
Divine Truth' which is a compilation of source material. He has graciously 
offered to read this work. It is a 40 page document 12 pt 1 1/2 line spaced 
with only a few Ed. comments. The other works are documentation and 
exasperating experiences attempting to get the priests of the General Church 
of the New Jerusalem to accept the Truth of Doctrine. If you could forgive 
me of my insulting behavior I would appreciate it. If you would be 
interested in reading this document I will send it to you. If you want to 
pass it on to others you have my appreciation.

Your errant brother,


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