[lucerna] Shouting in the Wilderness

Gregory Davis brothergregory@hotmail.com
Sat Jun 10 14:27:31 HST 2006

All else, it seems to me, is shouting in the wilderness. Alan

Yes, I read you loud and clear. The important information that you have 
gleaned from my posts is my rather abrupt manner. That innocent children in 
their spiritual development and at a critical time in life are taken before 
a 'golden eagle idol' and made to take a pledge to it as it stands right 
besides the Ten Commandment is not worthy of even a simple comment by you. 
Oh, I tried to get your attention all right. But this horror doesn't bother 
you one bit. What offends you? How dare you use all caps, what a terrible 

An insight into the return of the Lord? Forget about it.

Your brother in the Anointed, literally


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