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I don't understand what you are angry about and I have some questions about your postings.  Maybe I can give you some satisfactory replies but only if I know the answers to these questions:

(1) What is the "golden eagle idol" you mention?
(2) Where did you hear or read that biblical scholars agree that Exodus 30:23 is in error (with respect to the third term after myrrh and cinnamon)?
(3) What should that third term be (in Hebrew, Latin, and English, please)?
(4) Would it satisfy you if the Lord's New Church which is Nova Hierosolyma began to ordain priests according to that Law of Moses (Mosche)?  How about the General Church of the New Jerusalem?
(5) Can you describe in detail just how the ritual of ordination should take place?
(I will actually admit that I do not know how that ritual has been performed as of late.  I assume that A. Vashetov was the last one ordained over here in America and I did not witness it.)

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> All else, it seems to me, is shouting in the wilderness. Alan 
> Yes, I read you loud and clear. The important information that you have 
> gleaned from my posts is my rather abrupt manner. That innocent children in 
> their spiritual development and at a critical time in life are taken before 
> a 'golden eagle idol' and made to take a pledge to it as it stands right 
> besides the Ten Commandment is not worthy of even a simple comment by you. 
> Oh, I tried to get your attention all right. But this horror doesn't bother 
> you one bit. What offends you? How dare you use all caps, what a terrible 
> sin! 
> An insight into the return of the Lord? Forget about it. 
> Your brother in the Anointed, literally 
> "Greg" 
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