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Gregory Davis brothergregory@hotmail.com
Mon Jun 12 09:27:36 HST 2006

You are correct that my manner is counterproductive to the work. The 
'Doctrine of Divine Truth' is a Word document of 40 pages, 12pt, 1 1/2 line. 
It stricktly quotes source material with only 7 lines or so of Ed. comment. 
If you can look past my ignorant behavior it would be a blessing to be able 
to share it with you. Let me know, and I'll send it to you. Your errant 
brother, Greg. Please forgive me.
>Again, Greg, because you have guessed at a few things about me you act as 
>though you know all about me. I do not distance myself from the New Church 
>Movement at all. However, I also know how one might and again might not be 
>able to influence people. Nothing that you have presented so far has such 
>credibility--espescially as the "Doctrine of Divine Truth"--as to influence 
>me, and your manner remains counterproductive to your cause.  Alan
>>From: "Gregory Davis" <brothergregory@hotmail.com>
>>To: xenolith44@msn.com, lucerna@novahierosolyma.org
>>Subject: RE: judgment on an unknown
>>Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 14:32:53 -0400
>Look, Greg, as I have done with one other who offered judgments
>>>about me on one of these websites, I'm going to caution you that you know 
>>>nothing about me whatsoever that you should feel entitled to say what you 
>>>have been saying about me (let alone others). I tell you that I have no 
>>>connection with New Church schools that you should hold ME responsible 
>>>for any pledging to a "'golden eagle idol' . . . as it stands right 
>>>beside the Ten Commandments,"  such that I should be obliged to make any 
>>>comment upon the matter.
>>>What I have suggested to you is that you show a little respect to the 
>>>people you are addressing, in order that they might take you and your 
>>>message seriously. Alan
>I see, Reverend Alan Longstaff, that is your name and title, isn't it? It 
>was you who claimed to be part of the 'New Church Movement' and claimed an 
>affinity with the 'five branches'. It was you who objected to my statement 
>that they are 'dead'. Now, when it is pointed out to you that the practice 
>of one of these 'dead branches' is to force innocent children before a 
>'golden eagle' and profane the Word and a worship setting, you distance 
>yourself. You should be able to tell that there is an extremely serious 
>problem. The clergy of the 'New Church Movement' are not in the Doctrine of 
>Divine Truth. Until they are willing to identify that there is a problem 
>none of the 'blind virtual priests' will be able to receive the Divine 
>Your brother in the Anointed, literally "Greg"
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