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Alan Longstaff xenolith44@msn.com
Mon Jun 12 09:48:34 HST 2006

I called your behavior "counterproductive," not "ignorant." I would like to 
see this work you mention, and with your permission, share it with some 
others. While the people (including priests) in the New Church Movement may 
be in darkness (and practicing other things that set you on edge), I don't 
think you shine a light on your work (your contribution) by giving the 
appearance of disrespecting others. Let's see if we can get this dialogue on 
a better footing. Alan

>From: "Gregory Davis" <brothergregory@hotmail.com>
>To: xenolith44@msn.com
>CC: lucerna@novahierosolyma.org
>Subject: RE: counterproductive to your cause
>Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 15:27:36 -0400

You are correct that my manner is counterproductive to the work. The 
'Doctrine of Divine Truth' is a Word document of 40 pages, 12pt, 1 1/2 line. 
It stricktly quotes source material with only 7 lines or so of Ed. comment. 
If you can look past my ignorant behavior it would be a blessing to be able 
to share it with you. Let me know, and I'll send it to you. Your errant 
brother, Greg. Please forgive me.

>Again, Greg, because you have guessed at a few things about me you
>>act as though you know all about me. I do not distance myself from the New 
>>Church Movement at all. However, I also know how one might and again might 
>>not be able to influence people. Nothing that you have presented so far 
>>has such credibility--espescially as the "Doctrine of Divine Truth"--as to 
>>influence me, and your manner remains counterproductive to your cause.  
>>>From: "Gregory Davis" <brothergregory@hotmail.com>
>>>To: xenolith44@msn.com, lucerna@novahierosolyma.org
>>>Subject: RE: judgment on an unknown
>>>Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 14:32:53 -0400
>>Look, Greg, as I have done with one other who offered judgments
>>>>about me on one of these websites, I'm going to caution you that you 
>>>>know nothing about me whatsoever that you should feel entitled to say 
>>>>what you have been saying about me (let alone others). I tell you that I 
>>>>have no connection with New Church schools that you should hold ME 
>>>>responsible for any pledging to a "'golden eagle idol' . . . as it 
>>>>stands right beside the Ten Commandments,"  such that I should be 
>>>>obliged to make any comment upon the matter.
>>>>What I have suggested to you is that you show a little respect to the 
>>>>people you are addressing, in order that they might take you and your 
>>>>message seriously. Alan
>>I see, Reverend Alan Longstaff, that is your name and title, isn't it? It 
>>was you who claimed to be part of the 'New Church Movement' and claimed an 
>>affinity with the 'five branches'. It was you who objected to my statement 
>>that they are 'dead'. Now, when it is pointed out to you that the practice 
>>of one of these 'dead branches' is to force innocent children before a 
>>'golden eagle' and profane the Word and a worship setting, you distance 
>>yourself. You should be able to tell that there is an extremely serious 
>>problem. The clergy of the 'New Church Movement' are not in the Doctrine 
>>of Divine Truth. Until they are willing to identify that there is a 
>>problem none of the 'blind virtual priests' will be able to receive the 
>>Divine Goodness.
>>Your brother in the Anointed, literally "Greg"
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