[lucerna] productive dialogue sought

Gregory Davis brothergregory@hotmail.com
Mon Jun 12 10:07:31 HST 2006

>I called your behavior "counterproductive," not "ignorant." I would like to 
>see this work you mention, and with your permission, share it with some 
>others. While the people (including priests) in the New Church Movement may 
>be in darkness (and practicing other things that set you on edge), I don't 
>think you shine a light on your work (your contribution) by giving the 
>appearance of disrespecting others. Let's see if we can get this dialogue 
>on a better footing. Alan

Alan, I appreciate your forgiving nature and will post the 'Doctrine of 
Divine Truth' Word document to you. This was the first study. There are 
subsequent studies that were done that show authoritative support. You do 
have permission to share it with others.

Your "counterproductive" not "ignorant" brother,


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