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I think that pretty much settles that.  If Gregory can't accept that I think he is making a serious disturbance as he would be putting the remote revelation (the Bible) of the Word over the proximal revelation (the Writings of Swedenborg) of the Word.  You are absolutely right.  I hope he sees this.  If he doesn't, I will stop discussing matters with him.
Richard C.

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Your real question should be about the Lord's New Church and its ordination practices and should we follow the Law of Moses?
The Third Testament indicates that inaugurations into the Priesthood are to be done with the "laying on of hands," see DLW 220, CL 396, AE 79, AC 6292.

True, inaugurations were performed by anointing with oil as was done by Moses to Aaron and his sons. (see Leviticus 8:12 and 8:30) However, to be fair it must be pointed out that such inaugurations were also to include sacrifices (Lev. 8:14-30 and special clothing (Lev. 8:7-9;13) So if it is insisted (as Greg seems to be saying) that Priests be anointed as Moses was commanded to do, then animal sacrifice must be included as part of the ritual. (Lev. 8:17,21,29,36)

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