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I don't understand what you are angry about and I have some questions about 
your postings.
Richard, In 1 Chronicles, "and that thou wouldest keep me from evil, that it 
may not grieve me! iv. 10.

Maybe I can give you some satisfactory replies but only if I know the 
answers to these questions:
>(1) What is the "golden eagle idol" you mention?
The children at the Academy of the New Church in Bryn Athyns, Pennsylvania 
are required to attend Chapel service each morning to begin their school 
day. At the close they are required to stand and look to the American flag 
on display right next to the Ten Commandments. On top of the staff holding 
this flag is a 'golden eagle'. They state in this pledge that the flag 
represents the nation state and that it is 'under God'. In their minds eye 
they see this 'idol' and state 'under God'. As a Swedenborgian clearly you 
must understand the significance of this 'representative'.

>(2) Where did you hear or read that biblical scholars agree that Exodus 
>30:23 is in error (with respect to the third term after myrrh and 
I have tried to define 'calamus' and all of my research confirms that all 
Biblical scholars agree that this term is in error when placed into the 
Seputigent. The translator priests of the Hebrew into the Greek hid the true 
meaning of the term so that the pagan Greeks would not know the true meaning 
of the term. Robert Alter in, 'The Five Books of Moses' an authoritative 
translation just published recently defines the term as, 'sweet cane'. This 
mystery continues with us. The revealing of this term is the revelation of 
the literal word spoken of in the Writings.

>(3) What should that third term be (in Hebrew, Latin, and English, please)?
The totality of my work defines the term. At present another paper is being 
written entitled Doctrine of Truth and Good. When this is finished, I will 
be sending it out to all of the New Church priests that I can locate 
worldwide. Until then, I just don't want to simply state the authoritatively 
documented definition of the term.

>(4) Would it satisfy you if the Lord's New Church which is Nova Hierosolyma 
>began to ordain priests according to that Law of Moses (Mosche)? That is 
>the works objective.

  How about the General Church of the New Jerusalem? I have sent the 
completed documentation as it has been given to Bishop Thomas Kline. Also, 
priests of the Ethiopian, Coptic and Syriac Orthodox Churches for witness as 
well as to a prophet of the genuine truth representing the Hittites. Over 40 
priests of the General Church of the New Jerusalam have received partial 
documentation. My thinking is to send this all out in total when completed. 
My thinking now is that it will be done within the next 30 days. Right now 
the conclusions are on point but the final equation is now what? I want to 
be able to provide that answer as well.

>(5) Can you describe in detail just how the ritual of ordination should 
>take place?
My favorite ordination is documented in 2 Kings, " And Elisha the prophet 
hath called to one of the sons of the prophets, and saith to him, `Gird up 
thy loins, and take this vial of oil in thy hand, and go to Ramoth-Gilead, 
and thou hast gone in there, and see thou there Jehu son of Jehoshaphat, son 
of Nimshi, and thou hast gone in, and caused him to rise out of the midst of 
his brethren, and brought him in to the inner part of an inner-chamber, and 
taken the vial of oil, and poured on his head, and said, Thus said Jehovah, 
I have anointed thee for king unto Israel; and thou hast opened the door, 
and fled, and dost not wait.' And the young man goeth -- the young man the 
prophet -- to Ramoth-Gilead, and cometh in, and lo, chiefs of the force are 
sitting, and he saith, `I have a word unto thee, O chief!' and Jehu saith, 
`Unto which of all of us?' and he saith, `Unto thee, O chief.' And he riseth 
and cometh in to the house, and he poureth the oil on his head, and saith to 
him, `Thus said Jehovah, God of Israel, I have anointed thee for king unto 
the people of Jehovah, unto Israel, and thou hast smitten the house of Ahab 
thy lord, and I have required the blood of My servants the prophets, and the 
blood of all the servants of Jehovah, from the hand of Jezebel; and perished 
hath all the house of Ahab, and I have cut off to Ahab those sitting on the 
wall, and restrained, and left, in Israel, and I have given up the house of 
Ahab like the house of Jeroboam son of Nebat, and as the house of Baasha son 
of Ahijah, and Jezebel do the dogs eat in the portion of Jezreel, and there 
is none burying;' and he openeth the door and fleeth.And Jehu hath gone out 
unto the servants of his lord, and [one] saith to him, `Is there peace? 
wherefore came this madman unto thee?' and he saith unto them, `Ye have 
known the man and his talk.' And they say, `False, declare, we pray thee, to 
us;' and he saith, `Thus and thus spake he unto me, saying, Thus said 
Jehovah, I have anointed thee for king unto Israel.' And they haste and take 
each his garment, and put [it] under him at the top of the stairs, and blow 
with a trumpet, and say, `Reigned hath Jehu!' " ix. 1-13

>(I will actually admit that I do not know how that ritual has been 
>performed as of late.  I assume that A. Vashetov was the last one ordained 
>over here in America and I did not witness it.)
Don't know the man, you have piqued my curiosity though, who is he?

To get a grasp on this subject you should first read the 'Doctrine of Divine 
Truth'. This quotes source material, Third Testiment, Word, New Church Life 
and Matthew Henry. There are only a few Ed. comments. The other papers 
contain my spiritual experiences in making these discoveries of the literal 
Word and the interpretation of Psalm 72. So, if you would like to know more 
on this subject let me know and I will send you this document.

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> > All else, it seems to me, is shouting in the wilderness. Alan
> >
> > Yes, I read you loud and clear. The important information that you have
> > gleaned from my posts is my rather abrupt manner. That innocent children 
> > their spiritual development and at a critical time in life are taken 
> > a 'golden eagle idol' and made to take a pledge to it as it stands right
> > besides the Ten Commandment is not worthy of even a simple comment by 
> > Oh, I tried to get your attention all right. But this horror doesn't 
> > you one bit. What offends you? How dare you use all caps, what a 
> > sin!
> >
> > An insight into the return of the Lord? Forget about it.
> >
> > Your brother in the Anointed, literally
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> > "Greg"
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