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Ok, that is fair enough . . . but I suggest that we not try to confirm this 
by means of science--paleo-anthropology--and history.  Science now sees that 
the "human race" began in Africa and has spread over the globe from there, 
into Australia at least 40,000 years ago. Let us assume that the Most 
Ancient Church existed 60,000 years ago: does that imply to you that all the 
different people on the globe at that time constituted a homogenous church? 
And speaking of the "third hell," why did any of its members have to go 
there if this is before the "fall and flood"?

We've all got anecdotes, but as to your first, how do you plan to relate it 
to DNA? Does this mean that 'spiritual heredity' comes from the male and 
natrural heredity from the female? And what's this with the "attitude" thing 
again? I thought you liked "aggressive attackers" like David Chambers. What 
my attitude is, I suppose, is challenging, and it doesn't appear that you 
like to look at things with a critical (evaluative, not judgmental) eye, as 
I do.

Now, as to the Most Ancient Church, it did not have to "fall"--indeed, it 
did not "fall"--in order to necessitate the coming of the New Church. It is 
taught that the New Church was foreseen from the begin: not because people 
fell away from a "golden age"; rather, because the New Church is the crown 
of all the churches. If one ponders this, one can come to see that the Most 
Ancient Church is representative of a state within us. Alan

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