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Thu Jun 15 03:52:19 HST 2006

Since you have chosen to share our private dialogue with everyone on 
Lucerna, I think you owe it to me and them to explain this apparently simply 
but actually complex response in some detail. Alan

>Subject: Re: the “divine” priesthood?>Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 13:43:14 +0000

Alan, why did you ever become a priest? Richard C.

Richard, you write, “priests of the New Church both represent and 
communicate with the Lord and thus perform a divine function.” I don’t 
understand your use of the word “divine” in any of this. Also, to  
“communicate with the Lord,” is this in any way like the Catholic priesthood 
as intercessors between man (the laity) and God? What exactly is “a divine 
function”? Although priests represent the Lord—on that we agree—how do they 
do anything that is “divine”? When they administer the Holy Supper, are they 
part of the process of conjunction with the “Divine”? Speaking of the Lord, 
how precisely does “His Divinity” act through the priesthood? Alan

> > >Subject: Re: more technical correction (<;> > >Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 
>23:18:05 +0000

What I see as the"divine institution" of the Priesthood may be what it is to 
become in my mind and not what it is now in reality outside of my mind. In 
my mind, priests of the New Church both represent and communicate with the 
Lord and thus perform a divine function and their collective is a divine 
institution. Good priests and bad priests participate in this divine 
institution which serves divine uses not the least of which is to teach us 
all divine lessons. What the Priesthood actually is right now, or what its 
state is, I don't know and out of fear almost don't wish to know. I have 
faith that the Lord will bring up humanity with the Priesthood of His New 
Church from His Divinity acting through it, but how, I don't know yet. 
Richard C.

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