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Well, Richard, you have not addressed what the Nova Hierosolyma "one person 
principle" may mean in relation to understanding what is written in the 
Third Testament.

Also, I did not DENY the existence of ancient churches (plural) nor the fact 
that participants from these churches populate the Heavens at this day. I 
was questioning trying to associate the idea of the Most Ancient Church with 
a specific (or general) population in time and space. I am familiar with 
what is written about the Most Ancients and their place in the Grand Man. 
(Consider, though, that the expression "the Grand Man" is a symbol and 
representative of the form of the Heavens and in that sense is an expression 
OPEN TO US in order to see something of how Heaven can be formed within us. 
That is attempting to apply the "one person principle.")

You spoke, as I recall it, as hoping to take advantage one day of the 
ability to communicate with those of the Most Ancient Church. However, if 
their quality is of such a different character than ours--because they went 
to Heaven before so much else happened on earth--is it clear what the nature 
of that communication would be? The point I'm making is, why would it be 
important to have interaction with them as far as one's personal development 

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>Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 13:56:14 +0000
The Most Ancient Church fell only on this planet as it had to fall 
somewhere.  If there never was a Most Ancient Church as you say is possible, 
leaving it to be a made-up history in the letter of the Word, there only as 
a representative of a beginning state of our regeneration, then the Grand 
Man would have no heart as the heart of the Grand Man is composed of those 
souls who have been from heavenly/celestial Most Ancient Churches from all 
other planets in the natural universe.  Your guess, Alan, as to when and 
where that Church existed is just as valid as mine, but if you say it never 
existed in reality, your guess is not as valid. Richard C.

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>Ok, that is fair enough . . . but I suggest that we not try to confirm

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