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>My favorite ordination is documented in 2 Kings, " And Elisha the prophet
>hath called to one of the sons of the prophets, and saith to him, `Gird up
>thy loins, and take this vial of oil in thy hand ... and see thou there 
>...and said, Thus said Jehovah, I have anointed thee for king unto 

>Greg, you have just described the ordination of a king, not the ordination 
>a Priest as Moses was commanded to do. It appeared that earlier you were
>criticizing New Church ordinations because they were not performed 
>according to
>the law of Moses.

Hugh, the Lord as King is represented in the different descriptive states of 
the 'anointed'. Jehu is a king in the Word who is 'anointed.' Jesus is the 
>On 6/9/06 you said: "My studies further prove without question that the
>priesthood must be
>'ordained' and 'sanctified' according to the law of Moses."
>The ordination and sanctification of Priests according to the law of Moses 
>described in Leviticus chapter 8. Jehu, an Israelitish chief was not 
>according to the law of Moses.

You are having trouble reading the Word. Jehu is 'anointed' according to the 

>Further, you have placed great emphasis upon being anointed with a holy oil
>made according to the formulation given in Exodus 30:23-25, which contains 
>ingredients -- myrrh, cinnamon, cane (KNH), cassia, and olive oil. This oil 
>to be used for anointing the holy articles used in worship (see Exodus
>30:26-29) as well as Aaron and his sons (Exodus 30:30). That it was used as 
>the Lord
>commanded Moses is clear from what is said in Leviticus chapter 8 (see also
>Exodus 40:9-16).
>Jehu could not have been anointed with such holy oil because it was 
>that this oil be poured upon any "layman" or "stranger". (Exodus 30:33)

>From the Arcana Coelestia 9954 (1) “It is of interest to know what is 
implied in all this, since anointing has remained in practice from ancient 
times down to the present day (monarchs are anointed), and anointing is held 
to be holy today in just the same way as it was in former times.” 9475, 
9954, 10249 & 10267
>But again, if it is insisted that Priests be ordained according to the law 
>Moses (as Moses was commanded to do) then the prescribed clothing and
>sacrifices must also be carried out. (Consider the fate of Nadab and Abihu, 
>offered strange fire which the Lord had not commanded them.  {Lev. 10:1,2})

Early Christian history documents the teaching of the Lord to the Apostles. 
The Christian era began with these teachings and they are available for any 
serious student of the Word and Church doctrine.
>According to the law of Moses, Priests were to come from the tribe of Levi
>(Deuteronomy 18:1; Numbers chapters 3 and 4).

Priest forever after the order of Melchezidek EL KNH God the possessor. This 
mystery is beyond those who don't know.
>That the Lord was anointed with oil is described in Matthew 26:6-13; and 
>14:3-9. It is said that the oil was very expensive spikenard or pure nard,
>that the anointing was for Jesus burial, and that the anointing was done by 
>woman.  Jesus was a descendent of David of the tribe of Judah and not a 
>There is no record that the Lord was anointed according to the law given to
>Yet the Lord is called a Priest and also a King.

You just admitted to the fallacy of your own argument.
>That the Lord is called a Priest is not because he was anointed with the 
>oil or because he was of the tribe of Levi -- it is because He is the 
>Good united to the Divine True in His Human and that Divine Good is
>represented by a Priest and the Priesthood.

The excersize that we are engage in this subject is the literal Word. You 
have drifted off point.
>While it is said in several places that a Priest is to be inaugurated into
>the Office by the laying on of hands, and that the Priesthood represents 
>Good, what makes a person a true Priest comes from the love for the 
>of souls and from honestly, justly, and faithfully carrying out the uses of
>the priestly office. A Priest is a true Priest from the love of and 
>to the Uses of the Priesthood, and not solely from the ritual by which the
>person is inaugurated into the Priesthood. The Lord set the example in 

The Swedenborg quote above from the Arcana and the earlier post on this 
subject specifically addressed these questions. Without the representative 
the priest is said to 'hold the office of priest' but not 'adjoined to the 
office of priest'. I was once blessed by a Roman Catholic priest. Extremely 
elevating and impressive event. The point that needs to be understood is 
that the true 'New Church' the Heavenly City New Jerusalem is still not 
'adjoined to the priesthood'.

I do have the 'Office of Holy Oil' of the Coptic Orthodox Church. This 
Divine Liturgy will be modified to enable the 'ordination' and 
'sanctification' of the those Swedenborgian priests who are called.

Your brother in the Anointed, literally


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