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Dear Greg, you wrote (see below) "those Swedenborgian priests who are 
called." What is this meant to signify? Alan

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>>My favorite ordination is documented in 2 Kings, " And Elisha the prophet
>>hath called to one of the sons of the prophets, and saith to him, `Gird up
>>thy loins, and take this vial of oil in thy hand ... and see thou there 
>>...and said, Thus said Jehovah, I have anointed thee for king unto 
>>Greg, you have just described the ordination of a king, not the ordination 
>>a Priest as Moses was commanded to do. It appeared that earlier you were
>>criticizing New Church ordinations because they were not performed 
>>according to
>>the law of Moses.
>Hugh, the Lord as King is represented in the different descriptive states 
>of the 'anointed'. Jehu is a king in the Word who is 'anointed.' Jesus is 
>the 'Anointed'.
>>On 6/9/06 you said: "My studies further prove without question that the
>>priesthood must be
>>'ordained' and 'sanctified' according to the law of Moses."
>>The ordination and sanctification of Priests according to the law of Moses 
>>described in Leviticus chapter 8. Jehu, an Israelitish chief was not 
>>according to the law of Moses.
>You are having trouble reading the Word. Jehu is 'anointed' according to 
>the Word.
>>Further, you have placed great emphasis upon being anointed with a holy 
>>made according to the formulation given in Exodus 30:23-25, which contains 
>>ingredients -- myrrh, cinnamon, cane (KNH), cassia, and olive oil. This 
>>oil was
>>to be used for anointing the holy articles used in worship (see Exodus
>>30:26-29) as well as Aaron and his sons (Exodus 30:30). That it was used 
>>as the Lord
>>commanded Moses is clear from what is said in Leviticus chapter 8 (see 
>>Exodus 40:9-16).
>>Jehu could not have been anointed with such holy oil because it was 
>>that this oil be poured upon any "layman" or "stranger". (Exodus 30:33)
>>From the Arcana Coelestia 9954 (1) “It is of interest to know what is
>implied in all this, since anointing has remained in practice from ancient 
>times down to the present day (monarchs are anointed), and anointing is 
>held to be holy today in just the same way as it was in former times.” 
>9475, 9954, 10249 & 10267
>>But again, if it is insisted that Priests be ordained according to the law 
>>Moses (as Moses was commanded to do) then the prescribed clothing and
>>sacrifices must also be carried out. (Consider the fate of Nadab and 
>>Abihu, who
>>offered strange fire which the Lord had not commanded them.  {Lev. 
>Early Christian history documents the teaching of the Lord to the Apostles. 
>The Christian era began with these teachings and they are available for any 
>serious student of the Word and Church doctrine.
>>According to the law of Moses, Priests were to come from the tribe of Levi
>>(Deuteronomy 18:1; Numbers chapters 3 and 4).
>Priest forever after the order of Melchezidek EL KNH God the possessor. 
>This mystery is beyond those who don't know.
>>That the Lord was anointed with oil is described in Matthew 26:6-13; and 
>>14:3-9. It is said that the oil was very expensive spikenard or pure nard,
>>that the anointing was for Jesus burial, and that the anointing was done 
>>by a
>>woman.  Jesus was a descendent of David of the tribe of Judah and not a 
>>There is no record that the Lord was anointed according to the law given 
>>Yet the Lord is called a Priest and also a King.
>You just admitted to the fallacy of your own argument.
>>That the Lord is called a Priest is not because he was anointed with the 
>>oil or because he was of the tribe of Levi -- it is because He is the 
>>Good united to the Divine True in His Human and that Divine Good is
>>represented by a Priest and the Priesthood.
>The excersize that we are engage in this subject is the literal Word. You 
>have drifted off point.
>>While it is said in several places that a Priest is to be inaugurated into
>>the Office by the laying on of hands, and that the Priesthood represents 
>>Good, what makes a person a true Priest comes from the love for the 
>>of souls and from honestly, justly, and faithfully carrying out the uses 
>>the priestly office. A Priest is a true Priest from the love of and 
>>to the Uses of the Priesthood, and not solely from the ritual by which the
>>person is inaugurated into the Priesthood. The Lord set the example in 
>The Swedenborg quote above from the Arcana and the earlier post on this 
>subject specifically addressed these questions. Without the representative 
>the priest is said to 'hold the office of priest' but not 'adjoined to the 
>office of priest'. I was once blessed by a Roman Catholic priest. Extremely 
>elevating and impressive event. The point that needs to be understood is 
>that the true 'New Church' the Heavenly City New Jerusalem is still not 
>'adjoined to the priesthood'.
>I do have the 'Office of Holy Oil' of the Coptic Orthodox Church. This 
>Divine Liturgy will be modified to enable the 'ordination' and 
>'sanctification' of the
>Your brother in the Anointed, literally "Greg"

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