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Happy 19th of June Norman and Maureen.  We read your 19th of June message for Thursday night doctrinal class.  We enjoyed it.  Thank you very much.  All is well here and we had a wonderful first time daybreak 19th of June service under the hemlocks.  24 people came - Some Gen Ch.=== We had a violinist playing before and after with the birds joining in.  Its been a very happy day and the tables are all set up for the banquet.  SOOOOOOOO wish you were here with us.  Our love and prayers are with you.  Dawn and Luken  
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  I agree with Alan, the MAC did not fall.  The people of that Age had to regenerate...It is of interest to note that Chap 2 of Gen in  AC is divided into two sections.. The first deals with the perception they and we have  before regeneration can take place;;  what the goal of life is.
  So when it is said it would not be good for man to dwell alone... since if man remained in the perception, he would feel himself to be regenerate, while the loves of self and the world, would still remain........Who can say they have not eaten of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, or in other words felt that what they were doing was from self...but out of what had been perceived, the voice will be heard.. What have you done?...then repentance can take place... the shame....The Two Kingdoms formed before the Lord's coming as Redeemer,, are the two ruling loves, Love in the Lord the Celestial, and Love towards neighbor (0r our!)the Spiritual. these were and are formed when the evils out of Proprium are shuuned by the truth in the External ..the Lord then removes the lusts in Internal,, and forms the ruling loves...The Lord came as\ Redeemer, not because of what mankind had done or not done, but to make possible what they and us could not do..Meet the Proprim itself, in order to have a new External or human.  This was what was involved in the words of the Angelic host to the shepherds when the Lord came.. Glory to God in the highest,,, the ruling love of Internal... Peace on earth,,, that they of those Ages could have a new External.. in agreemen  with their Internal.. that is why it is said that the Lord came also to redeem the Angels...   ( I might add the closing words are not goodwill to men,,, but to those of a Good Will......(.to put it simply)    We are celebrating the 19thof June...  The sending forth  in the Universal Spiritual world,,, the Good and Truth from the Divine Human (sig by the 12 disciples)to gather together the elect...   All those throughtout the Ages,, who had regenerated..
  the one fold with One Shepherd...    Norman.


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