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Thu Jun 22 09:19:41 HST 2006

Perhaps some might say that I personally am
>not worthy to do it, but I don't see any body else stepping up to the 

>Richard Campbell   arcam1970@comcast.net

Richard in response to this observation I must say that your intention is 
well but . . . What you are seeking will be made available soon.

Yesterday, the Universal Othodox Church was established in the record when 
the Chief Clerks for the Fulton County Superior Court accepted the Oyez Oyez 
the Great Commission with attendant documentation for filing. The ordination 
and sanctification of your brother Gregory Karl Davis was officiated by 
Reverend Paul A. Ready with the Veterans for Christ in June 19th. He 
travelled here from Arkansaw for this mission and was blessed in the Lord. 
This blessing came from the hand of Abba Tsige Dengle at Saint Gabriel 
Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Decatur on June 18th. This elevation from the 
office of prophet to Bishop this New Church is an accomplished fact. The 
documentation on the revelation of the LITERAL WORD will be made available 
after receiving the originals back from the Fulton County. The documentation 
for the establishment of the priesthood 'adjoined' to His New Church through 
the Doctrine of Divine Truth will be made available in about 3 weeks on a 
CD. The blessed 'oil' will be made available through this office in service 
to Him.

Your brother in the Anointed, literally

Rt. Rev. "Greg"

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