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Mon Jun 26 21:07:29 HST 2006

Dear Alan,  

I'm glad to see you took the 'David & Goliath' analogy  in the good humour 
that I intended it.
I thought it was apt, since I felt overwhelmed by an  intellect that I 
consider much, much greater than my own.
However, you said that I was doing the very thing that I  was accusing 
Stephen of (claiming the Lord's Divinity for oneself), so I tried  to demonstrate 
that by having an affirmative attitude, it doesn't claim the  Lord's Divinity 
for oneself, but that having a negative attitude does (because  it never allows 
the possibility of the Lord's prophecy ever to be  fulfilled).
I agree that acceptance of this spiritual sense is  subjective to the 
receivers, and I'm not castigating anyone for this, but I do  object to passages from 
the Word being used to do damage to what might be the  truth, and perhaps 
blocking others from seeing it also.
Claiming that no one ever, may be in genuine truths, does  this.
Warm Regards,
David R.  Chambers.

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