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Alan you agreed with David that:

>Certainly we attempt “to impart [our] information to others,” but I think 
>it is perfectly natural that others will receive information cautiously 
>(without that being negativity).  To adopt this cautious approach, to have 
>a reserved “affirmative attitude,” is NOT the same thing as “never 
>allow[ing] the possibility of the Lord's prophecy ever to be fulfilled.” I 
>feel you ‘protesteth’ too vigorously. Alan
You will agree that the discussion goes to the mystery, "57. III. That 
genuine truth, which will be of doctrine, does not appear in the sense of 
the letter of the Word to others than those who are in illustration from the 
Lord. [...]

The Divine Truth is the Anointed One. The Divine Goodness is Jesus. Until 
one understand that there is a genuine truth that literally provides support 
to this Divine Truth the revelation of the Second Coming cannot be 
comprehended. And neither can the hidden spiritual meaning of the Writings 
in their depth. This discussion has been active in the 'New Church' since 
the '30s and still the literal Word is hidden. The most frustrating of all 
my encounters with 'New Church' priests is the attitude that the literal 
Word is understood or if not then the literal Word can never be 
comprehended. The most basic fundamental literal truth is not known. "Our 
Father who art in Heaven, hallowed by thy name" ...Jesus Christ... In 
Matthew, "If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much 
more shall they call them of His household? Fear them not therefore: for 
there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; and hid that shall not 
be made known." x. 25, 26. Interesting prophesy isn't it? But on point and 
comprehendable when one understands the literal, genuine truth of the name; 
Jesus the Anointed, and then acts upon the literal, genuine truth of His 

Unless a man learns, that is, receives truths, good cannot flow in, so that 
the man cannot become spiritual, no. 3387 Further in the Doctrine of the 
Sacred Scriptures: 56. It may be supposed that the doctrine of genuine truth 
can be acquired by means of the spiritual sense of the Word which is 
obtained through a knowledge of correspondences. Doctrine, however, is not 
acquired by such means, but only illustrated and corroborated. For as was 
stated above in No. 26 no one comes into the spiritual sense of the Word by 
means of correspondences unless he is first in genuine truths from doctrine.

You received the Doctrine of Divine Truth. Are you in the Doctrine of Divine 
Truth and thereby in genuine truth? Can anyone possibly be in the Doctrine 
of Genuine Truth without acknowledging and understanding the literal, 
genuine name of God? In Jesus the Anointed who is Father, Son and Holy 
Spirit now and forever and ever. Amen.

Your newly 'ordained' and 'sanctified' by the command of the Lord Jesus the 
Anointed on June 19th, and thereby elevated from being adjoined to the 
office of prophet, your humble servant,

Rt. Rev. Gregory Karl Davis
Universal Orthodox Church for the Georgia diocese United States of America

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