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Leon you quoted and wrote:
> > >Now this: AC 9424: "But they who are in the genuine doctrine of truth
> > >from the Word, and in enlightenment when they read the Word, see
> > >everywhere truths that agree, and nothing whatever that is opposed; for
> > >they do not dwell upon what is said therein according to appearances,
> > >and according to the common apprehension of men, because they know that
> > >if the appearances are unfolded, and as it were unswathed, the truth is
> > laid bare."
> > >
> > >Those who say that we cannot take EU literally in this modern world of
> > >moon and Mars landings, must therefore show how it is that we are to
> > >read the assertion that all historical events in the Word are factual,
> > >historical, scientifically accurate. Justifying this departure from the
> > >Letter COMES BEFORE the rationale that there are no people on the moon.
> > >If you can justify this departure (I doubt that one can, but I remain
> > >open), then one can go on to the next step, what we found in our moon
> > >landings, etc.  Perhaps AC 9424 (above) might be a method of
> > >approaching this rightly!
> > >
> > >Alan, what is your take on EU, and how do you see the teaching that the
> > >Word in its historical parts is accurate?
> > >
> > >To pacify Michael -- I do think this topic is relevant to Reform and
> > >its focus, such as it has evolved.

First there is a historical record for the confirmation that the walls of 
Jerico did fall down. I suppose I still have this book in my library 
somewhere but at this time cannot quote it as I haven't arranged them from 
my move here. The story also relates how a rock slide in that area created a 
natural historical dam that stopped up the river Jordan so the they could 
cross over. The event is even dated. But this assertion is not really 

The real problem of importance for Swedenborgians is the Earths in the 
Universe. My study of the Writings purposely left off this mystery until I 
had accomplished reading and studying all of the other works. I had first 
gathered the literal and genuine truths (KNH) and by an act of Divine 
Providence was in the Doctrine of Divine Truth before commencing reading the 
Arcana. During this study I was in a state where the world was not of 
intruding in any way. Knowing and understanding this mystery unlocked the 
Word and the spiritual meaning of the Writings. After doing this study I 
decided it was time to look into the Earths of the Universe and the answer 
is simple. Ultimate truth always is so simple a child can understand. First 
look to the Writings on the mystery of mysteries and you will see why things 
are hidden:

>From Apocalypse Expained 375. ...Hence it is that profaners after death are 
not spirits in human form, as others are, but they are mere fantasies, and 
seem to themselves to flit hither and thither without any thought; and at 
length they are separated from others, and cast down into the lowest hell of 
all; and because they do not appear in a human form as other spirits, 
therefore, they are no longer called he or she, but it, that is, not man; 
but more may be seen respecting the profanation of good and truth in the 
Doctrine of the New Jerusalem (n. 169, 172).
[5] Because such a lot awaits those who profane the interior goods and 
truths of heaven and the church, therefore, the internal or spiritual sense 
of the Word, in which these are contained, was not opened to the Jews, 
because if it had been, they would have profaned it; and, therefore, neither 
was it opened to Christians, because these also, if it had been opened, 
would have profaned it. Hence also it was concealed from the latter as from 
the former, that there is any internal or spiritual sense in the sense of 
the letter, which is the natural [sense] of the Word. And in order that they 
should be ignorant of it, it was provided that the science of 
correspondences, which was the chief knowledge with the ancients, should be 
lost, so that the nature of correspondence should be entirely unknown, and, 
consequently, the nature of the spiritual sense of the Word. For the Word is 
written by pure correspondences, therefore, without this knowledge, the 
nature of the spiritual sense could not be known. This was provided by the 
Lord, lest genuine goods and truths themselves, in which the higher heavens 
are, should be profaned.
[6] But the reason why the internal or spiritual sense of the Word is at 
this day opened, is, because the Last Judgment is accomplished, and hence 
all things in the heavens and in the hells are reduced into order, and thus 
it can be provided by the Lord that profanations may not take place...

Now that you can see why things are hidden you can understand this statement 
that I have come to make in regard to the mystery of the Earths in the 

Men need to be able to dismiss the Writings as not truth of doctrine. The 
Earths of the Universe are the 'hard candy shell'. The Earths of the Unverse 
is an act of Divine Providence to keep the spiritual meaning of the Word 
hidden from those who want to be able to reject the Writings. Inside the 
Writings are revealed the spiritual sense of the Word. For men to first be 
confronted by an obvious difficult mystery of the 'man from Mars' gives them 
a quick painless obvious reason to dismiss the Writings as bogus. This 
protects men from profaning themselves.

The Writings have been hidden in a strange la la land among what I term 'the 
Church of the librarians'. Those of us who have accepted the Writings as 
revelation or the Third Testement can see that the world will be transformed 
by these works but it is not understood how. The 'librarians' have set up 
stringent requirements for anyone who wants to be able to publically 
proclaim these Divine Truths. All of the 'librarians' have seminaries that 
require a college degree before they are allowed to attend. The end product 
are seminary trained theologians with a background in memory knowledge. This 
type of training is specifically warned against in the Writings. These 
theologians know Hebrew, Greek and Latin from standard reference materials 
and are not capable of thinking 'outside of the box'. When the annoucement 
of Rev. 14: 6, 7 and the literal and spiritual understanding thereby occurs 
men will need to be able to dismiss the Writings and the Word. They will 
need to be able to say, 'a new bogus religious movement has begun'. Another 
interesting concept along these lines is that when this announcement is made 
men will need to be able to flee to a New Church that can provide for them. 
Within the 'five branches' I don't really see this for them. It is my prayer 
to be able to take part in providing them the New Church home that they will 
need. It is my prayer that those Swedenborgian priests who recognize 'Truth 
of Doctrine' will answer to this call. The Writings themselves state that 
you cannot take the term calam* literally because it means, 'falsity 

My background is different from you all and comes from a completely 
different direction from those who are classically trained. My training is 
based upon living and acting upon natural truths and trying to comprehend 
the spiritual truths that are hidden within them so that I can escape my 
profanity. I have experienced some of the most incredible celestial 
experiences mankind has known. And also, the most horrifying states of 
profanity and death. From out of His Divine Mercy, I have been in the 
'illumination' and 'illustration' from the Lord alone and can categorically 
state, 'you all just don't get it, yet. But you will.'

Your brother in the Anointed, literally

Rt. Rev. "Greg" Gregory Karl Davis
Universal Orthodox Church diocese of Georgia, United States of America

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