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Thu Jun 29 06:07:19 HST 2006

Dear Greg,
I must admit, that in general, I agree with your view over  EU and the 
'Church of the librarians'. (This seems to mirror what I said about  the quality of 
'Mercury' being the present psychological state of the  NC.)
"For men to first be confronted by an obvious difficult  mystery of the 'man 
from Mars' gives them a quick painless obvious reason to  dismiss the Writings 
as bogus. This 
protects men from profaning  themselves." Which is also my thoughts on the 
matter, precisely; a  form of 'cherubim', to protect AC. 
I will still continue to believe the literal of EU,  because the Lord says 
that it so, (and then use all rational means to  confirm it) while casting aside 
all that does not agree, with the  Word/Writings.

Warm regards,
David R. Chambers.
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