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  I  agree  with those who say that, the Word has not been given to teach science nor history, or for that matter anything about the Natural world,which only affects the bodily life. These can be discovered by man.  What cannot be known from man, are the things pertaining to spiritual life. We therefore we read ,"Without a Revelation from the Divine, a man cannot know anything concerning eternal life, or even concerning God; and still less  can he know anything concerning love and faith in Him.." (New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine 249).   With regard to Earths in the Universe,  (not worlds in outer space,which is not what the Lord said) it deals solely with the qualites of human life.  Dealt with in Arcana Coelestia, at the end of each chapter in Exodus, the subject is the development of that life, in relation to the External mind, the planets, and the Internal ,the earths in the starry heavens. In relation to the latter, we note that six are mentioned, whereas in the book EinU, there are only five. By six is signifed temptations, which take place during regeneration, as in the six days of creation..  When we look at the contents of the book itself, we therefore, note five planets and five earths in stary heavens. As said, these refer to the External mind and the Internal.  By the moon is signified the faith formed in the human as the reflector of love. The reason the Lord was born on our earth, in relation of our life, is in keeping with the teaching, that all things proceed from Primes,through Ultimates to Intermendiates... From the Lord into the Knowldges formed from the Word, in us, to the forming of the Spiritual mind; the new Understanding and the new Will.
Yours Norman.
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