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Since this is on Lucerna, even though I don't want to confuse the issue, 
there is something here that takes me back to Greg's CONCERN about being 
very clear about specific words like "CALAM*". Alan

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>Subject: [lucerna] Jewish Church and the LNC are to be one
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Hi Doctrine Lovers, What do you make of this?

SE-WE 237. But because the Jewish Church, in itself, must be one and
>the same with the Church truly Christian, as was the earliest or infant
>Church, therefore, so that that Church might be portrayed as an inner one,
>Abraham depicts a belief that makes one righteous.
>	The fact that belief was accounted to him because he had believed
>the promise concerning Isaac, who was to be the promised son [Gen.
>15:4-6], could not have made Abraham righteous, unless at the same time he
>had believed that by the promised son was meant the Messiah, Who was to be
>born, and Who is the One Only promised Son. (SE-WE 237)
>The apparent anti-semitism in the Writings is counterbalanced by
>statements like the above, which asserts that the Jewish Church must be
>the same as the "Church truly Christian" which is a reference to the New
>Church (TCR). So the NC and the Jewish Church form a one. How are we to
>interpret this (a) literally, and (b) spiritually?
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