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Hi Leon,
You asked:
"What do you make of this?

SE-WE 237.  But because the Jewish Church, in itself, must be one and
the same with the  Church truly Christian, as was the earliest or infant
Church, therefore, so  that that Church might be portrayed as an inner one,
Abraham depicts a belief  that makes one righteous.
The fact that belief was accounted to  him because he had believed
the promise concerning Isaac, who was to be the  promised son [Gen.
15:4-6], could not have made Abraham righteous, unless at  the same time he
had believed that by the promised son was meant the Messiah,  Who was to be
born, and Who is the One Only promised Son. (SE-WE  237)

The apparent anti-semitism in the  Writings is counterbalanced by
statements like the above, which asserts that  the Jewish Church must be
the same as the "Church truly Christian" which is a  reference to the New
Church (TCR). So the NC and the Jewish Church form a  one. How are we to
interpret this (a) literally, and (b) spiritually?  "
My interpretation would be:
a) That the New Church forms a one with  the Jewish Church as merely 
preservers for posterity of the Third  Testament, thus with no concept of an interior 
sense to them.
b) The NC beliefs are accounted righteous, but  only if at the same time it 
believes the Writings are the Lord in  His promised Second Coming.

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