[lucerna] Jewish Church and the LNC are to be one

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Fri Jul 7 09:17:23 HST 2006

On Fri, 7 Jul 2006 Coronis44@aol.com wrote:

> My interpretation would be:
> a) That the New Church forms a one with  the Jewish Church as merely
> preservers for posterity of the Third  Testament, thus with no concept of an interior
> sense to them.
> b) The NC beliefs are accounted righteous, but  only if at the same time it
> believes the Writings are the Lord in  His promised Second Coming.

Hi David,

OK, sounds interesting. It also suggests tha the Jews do not have to
convert to the NC since they are already part of it, in the interior. All
they need to do is to acknowledge and honor that interior. Like I have
done, being a Jew. This means that there is a Jewish heaven, as there are
Islamic heavens. But in my case I have married in the Christian Church
after baptism in the Episcopal Church. So I expect to be in a
True Christian heaven, not Jewish.

In its spiritual sense the "Jewish Church" also means a transitional state
in the NC mind.



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