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Fri Jul 14 19:29:31 HST 2006

AC 3833 the man who reasons concerning the Divine Providence, as to
whether it is only universal, and not in the singulars, cannot possibly
know the innumerable arcana of Providence, which are as many in number as
are the contingencies of everyone's life from first to last, and from the
creation of the world to its end; nay, even to eternity. (AC 3833)

Hi Scrutators,

The above passage means that the Lord makes the random curve come out
random, and not that it is random because the Lord is not managing its

To me this means that the Lord manages my eye movements and the sequence
of my thoughts. Also, the eye movements of a lion hunting in the night, or
the molecular movements within the cells of my stomach.

The Lord manages the computer that makes the bets come out when you play
at a casino. The Lord manages what headlines the Wall Street Journal
carries every morning, as well as its contents. The Lord manages the bank
criminal and the cop that catches him, or not. The Lord manages every 911
call and its outcome. The Lord manages the acts of those on either side
of a battle or war. The Lord manages the events taking place in sun spots
in the sun.

Do you agree, or not, and why.



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