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Hi Leon,
Yes, I agree.
My reasons for 'why' are numerous (especially as an  ex-astrologer), but just 
this one Number confirms what you have  stated:
DP212. Who does not speak of  fortune? Who does not acknowledge it, since he 
talks of it and knows something  about it from experience? But who knows what 
it is? That it is something,  because it exists and presents itself to view, 
cannot be denied; and a thing  cannot exist and present itself without a cause; 
but the cause of this  something, that is, of fortune, is unknown. Lest 
fortune, however, should be  denied merely from ignorance of that cause, take dice 
or playing cards and play,  or consult players. Does anyone of these deny 
fortune? For they play with it and  it with them in a wonderful way. Who can do 
anything against fortune if it  opposes him? Does it not then laugh at prudence 
and wisdom? When you shake the  dice and shuffle the cards does it not seem to 
know and dispose the  turns and twists of the hand and wrist to favour one 
player more than  another, from some definite cause? Can the cause have any 
other source  than the Divine Providence in ultimates, where by means of things 
constant and  changing it works in a wonderful way along with human prudence, 
and at the same  time conceals itself? [2] It is well known that the Gentiles in 
days gone by  acknowledged Fortune and built a temple to her, as did the 
people of Italy at  Rome. Concerning this fortune, which is, as has been said, the 
Divine Providence  in ultimates, it has been granted me to know many things 
that I am not permitted  to make public. From these it was made clear to me 
that fortune is not an  illusion of the mind, nor a sport of nature, nor 
something without a cause, for  this has no reality; but that it is ocular evidence 
that the Divine  Providence is in the most individual things of man's thought 
and  action. As the Divine Providence presents itself in the most individual  
things, so insignificant and trifling, why should it not do so in the most  
individual things, not insignificant and trifling, such as matters of peace and  
war on earth, and matters of salvation and life in heaven? 
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