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I agree although I really don't have time to explain why other than the Word says so!

Richard Campbell  arcam1970@comcast.net 

P.S. It's good to be back on LUCERNA again.  This is the site where I believe the best and most relevant doctrinal discussions are occurring.

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> AC 3833 the man who reasons concerning the Divine Providence, as to 
> whether it is only universal, and not in the singulars, cannot possibly 
> know the innumerable arcana of Providence, which are as many in number as 
> are the contingencies of everyone's life from first to last, and from the 
> creation of the world to its end; nay, even to eternity. (AC 3833) 
> Hi Scrutators, 
> The above passage means that the Lord makes the random curve come out 
> random, and not that it is random because the Lord is not managing its 
> orderliness. 
> To me this means that the Lord manages my eye movements and the sequence 
> of my thoughts. Also, the eye movements of a lion hunting in the night, or 
> the molecular movements within the cells of my stomach. 
> The Lord manages the computer that makes the bets come out when you play 
> at a casino. The Lord manages what headlines the Wall Street Journal 
> carries every morning, as well as its contents. The Lord manages the bank 
> criminal and the cop that catches him, or not. The Lord manages every 911 
> call and its outcome. The Lord manages the acts of those on either side 
> of a battle or war. The Lord manages the events taking place in sun spots 
> in the sun. 
> Do you agree, or not, and why. 
> Aloha, 
> Leon 
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