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Tue Jul 18 20:45:49 HST 2006

I was reading again an article by J. H. Ridgway at Durban on 19th of
June 1935 (Sixth Fascicle in DHL p.91).

He points out that "nunc" refers to time, and therefore its spiritual
sense is a mental state. He says that we ought not to think of Nunc Licet
as merely a reference to NC history, namely, now that the Lord has made
His historical Second Coming in the Heavenly Doctrines, it is permitted to
know the spiritual sense of the Word.

Mr. Ridgway reminds us that we should be thinking about the journey
towards the inner sense of the Word, and that when we are in the right
mental state ("nunc"), we can enter into the inner sense at a deeper
level, over and over again. Thus not a history of Churches, but a
biography of our regeneration.

In case it is relevant here, I discuss the 6 stages of progressive entry
into the spiritual sense in this article, with two diagrams:




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