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Wed Jul 26 08:55:13 HST 2006

Hi Scrutators,

The thought for the day about what happens to us when we remain in the
literal sense of the Writings:

SE 1624. Moreover, when I apprehended only the literal sense of the Word,
there was a closing up, as it were, of the way to the understanding of
interior things. Accordingly those who inhere only in the literal sense of
the Word have the brain hardened and [its functions] so clogged that the
way is not opened to an interior [interiori], much less to a more interior
[intimiori] sense, and in this way a kind of crust or shell is induced,
which is conglutinated from the corporeal or sensual things of the
external man.

The case is otherwise when a way is opened to the sense of interiors, or
to the spirit, which way is opened by the Lord alone. While the mind
dwells in the literal sense without penetrating beyond, then if it attempt
to open a way from itself to interiors, continual scandals are present,
which I am able to confirm from abundant experience. But such a man does
not perceive what is implied in his opening a way to interiors, for he
supposes that this is the only way in which it can be done; and
accordingly he who is not led by the Lord can by no means perceive this
and similar things, and therefore cannot believe it; which may appear from
the case of spirits who lack that kind of perception. - 1748, March 21.

So if you don't want your brain to harden and lose functionality, flee
from the literal sense of the Writings and chase its spiritual sense like
an enthusiastic child chases an elusive but beautiful butterfly.



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