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Wed Aug 17 07:53:05 HST 2011

Dear Stephen,

I continually read your postings with interest, but I'm concerned that your
recent attempt at confirming the One Man Principle may be in error due to
the oversight of not remembering the Lords meaning of His Own words in the
Third Testament.

You may recall that a man(homo) only becomes a man(homo) by conjugial
love.This is because conjugial love is love to the Lord (*Marriage n.7*) and
those who are in love truly conjugial will to be one man (homo), but those
not in conjugial love will to be two (*CL n.L215*). I believe The One Man
principle wills to be two, and thus becomes less and less a man(h), because
it wills to regenerate individually through the union of its own good and
truth, and not by the marriage of one man(vir) with one wife.

The male and female were created to be the very form of the marriage of good
and truth (*CL n.100*). Two married partners are that form in their inmosts
(*CL101*), and hence in the things that follow therefrom, according as the
interiors of their mind are opened by the Word.
Conjugial love principally has its seat with wives (*Marriage Index n.93*),
and husbands receive it from their wives.
The reason is that wives are by birth forms of love (*CL n. 216*), so that
it is innate in them to wish to be one with their husbands.
But it is different with husbands; since they are not by birth forms of
love, but designed to receive that love, which is heaven itself from their
>From these considerations it follows that this love to the Lord is derived
from no other source than the conjugial love implanted in every woman (*CL

Kind Regards, R

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